Welcome to In Suave We Trust!


Once just a blog for me to deliver end of the year lists for the best albums and detailed album reviews for major artist releases, In Suave We Trust went from small personal blog of my opinions to a full blown Music & Media Website! 

Hi everyone! I’m Jason, but many of you know me as Suave. I’m the extremely proud founder of In Suave We Trust.  As of now, In Suave We Trust is a 1-man machine pushing to provide you with the MOST DOPE and COMPELLING content possible. It’s been quite the journey. After several years of failing to be consistent with posting, self doubt in my writing, and frustration with growing my brand, I’m back motivated and ready to deliver BIG. I’ve already begun my reign by going ahead and starting the the highly anticipated In Suave We Trust Podcast! I’ve also decided to bring out my inner curator and will be creating a playlist for just about everything and as well as creating per request.  In Suave We Trust is a lot of different things but most importantly it represents me and my love for music and the culture! With that being said, thank you for tappin’ in. Feel free to reach out to me by clicking the “Let’s Talk About It Tab” or for a quicker response you can reach me at @SuaveMontana on Twitter & Instagram!

With Love,



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