Nav “NAV” Album Review



1. Myself
2. Nav
3. My Mind
4. Good For It
5. Lonely
6. Up
7. Interlude
8. Sleep
9. Mariah
10. Some Way feat. The Weeknd
11. TTD

Favorite Songs: Myself, Nav, My Mind, Good For It, Some Way and TTD

So I have been raving about Nav after discovering him through a friend’s Snapchat story last year. Since then, i have told everyone that he’s next up every chance I get. Who is Nav you ask? Nav is a rapper/producer hailing from Toronto. He’s also known as the protégé of The Weekend. Like his mentor, he has never done a major interview or shown his face extensively anywhere. It can be said that Nav is following the footsteps of Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR and The Weeknd to stardom with the whole “dark, nocturnal sound” (OVO Sound. OVO’s logo is an Owl. Owls are nocturnal? Get it? Okay nevermind…) that is one with Toronto. In the past year though Nav has maintained his relatively mysterious profile while cranking out Soundcloud songs with some million-plus plays. Kylie Jenner Snapchatted herself lip-syncing along to his track “Myself,” The Weeknd signed him to XO, and he guested on Travis Scott’s Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, on “Biebs in the Trap,” which built him some serious buzz. Most of the music that he has put out can be characterized by their atmospheric synths, loosely-sung melodies, vapid lyrics, and the never-ending drug references.

Nav’s  self-titled debut project begins with “Myself.” Here is a song where Nav claims to dislike himself when he is sober. This track shines a light on the issue of substance abuse, as Nav details the toll his addictions have taken on him. This is a common theme throughout this project. It eventually does get old but don’t a lot of our favorite artist talk about the same “shit” over and over again? But what makes Nav different than other artist who talk about substance abuse issues. He seems to have this  regretful attitude towards his vices that make for more compelling art than majority of other rappers.

As we move along, the project remains pretty up-tempo and we stumble across some serious bangers. On NAV, My Mind and Good For It is filled with synth-driven, bass-drenched instrumentals with trap beats to frame Nav’s bossed up personality. The guy really be feeling himself and you see it here. We all love are artist to be kind of cocky and believe in them themselves but I think here we must know Nav is more Confident than Cocky and he’s ready to show us his true potential. He’s good for it. The pace slows down at “Lonely,” which is somewhat of a syrupy love track that could be linked to any other RnB singer from Toronto honestly. This trend continues for a few tracks, with the exception of “Up,” a track co-produced by Metro Boomin. Nav and Metro Boomin actually have a joint project coming out later this year that shouldn’t be short of spectacular. Then there is another slow love sing with “Interlude.” I skip this track every time. SHIT IS SO SAD TO ME. NAV speaks about how a girl makes him feel happiness, but he is still isolated from her emotionally because of his how he acts and lives his life. “Sleep” and “Mariah” both are dark sounding bangers. Mariah though is another love track where NAV is talking to a girl who is only with him because of his status. At this point though I had enough of these dam love songs.  The project’s original vibes return on “Some Way,” the album’s big single. This track features Abel himself (Abel is the Weeknd for those not hip). This track without a doubt gained NAV new fans. The Weeknd threw a shot at Justin Bieber on this track which I thought was absolutely hilarious. Apparently his tongue game is a Remedy? Sus. Anyways. The media attention The Weeknd’s shots brought gave Nav exposure, which was an awesome publicity stunt to showcase NAV to a wider audience. The album then closes with TTD.  It is so characteristic of the city’s famous aesthetic and its a perfect ending to a grand showcase of NAV, a character who is triumphant, dejected and aloof all at once.


Nav is an extremely gifted producer. His ability to craft these super deep, lush synth sounds is elite. Expect to see him get production credits on some major label releases later  this year and in the near future. (Did some production on Kodak’s album that released last month) I liked this project but I was hoping for a little more of the uptempo tracks. The love songs were too much for me and I hope their is no more lovesick NAV. This was his first project and he did well but could have definitely been better.   I know Nav will bring the heat though on his upcoming project with Metro Boomin that will be released later this year. Keep a look out for Nav because he is really the “first Brown Boy to get it poppin”.


Rating 7.75/10


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