PnB Rock’s “GTTM: Goin Thru the Motions” Album Review



  1. Attentionft. Wiz Khalifa
  2.  There She Go ft. YFN Lucci
  3. Playa No More ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Quavo
  4.  Selfish
  5. Plans
  6. Range Rover
  7. Notice Me
  8. Hanging Up My Jersey ft. Ty Dolla $ign
  9.  Smile
  10. Misunderstood
  11. Heart Racin’
  12.  Questions
  13. New Day
  14. Stand Back ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Favorite Tracks: Attention, Playa No MoreNotice MeHanging Up My JerseySmileNew Day, and Stand Back

So I’m here to review Philly’s very own PnB Rock’s “GTTM: Goin Thru the Motions” project. PnB is an artist who I am somewhat familiar with and decided to give this project a listen after a friend of mine (S/o Jammy) recommended it to me. Also, PnB has been generating some nice buzz for himself as well. But Philly rap is going through quite the change. Scratch that. Philadelphia rap is undergoing a generational shift! Despite the consistent L’s Meek Mill has caught in the past year and some change, remains the city’s biggest star. He raps with the same emotional intensity of hometown legend Beanie Sigel, but with a honed ability to land crossover hits. But Philly’s two up and coming stars are completely opposite of Meek. We have the “Bratty Rockstar” in Lil Uzi Vert who literally cannot write a bad hook even if he tried. Then there is PnB with his whole “I’m a rapper but I can sing too persona.” Meek Mill rapped on Philly street corners and committed years to the mixtape grind, where this new wave was scooped up early by major labels, landing on success that took years for Meek to achieve. PnB Rock is signed to Atlantic Records. Last year he and Fetty Wap released a joint mixtape, Money, Hoes, and Flows that highlighted Fetty Wap’s charming vocal quirks set against PnB Rock’s more conventional singing voice. GTTM, his major label debut carefully balances his easily influenced take on R&B and street rap.

GTTM is pretty dope as a debut album but it’s not a COMPLETE album, but that’s okay. GTTM opens up with “Attention” featuring Wiz Khalifa. On this track we get the “Cabin Fever” Wiz. I loved this track a lot, thought it was a good way to start an album of and the production was sweet on here. The following tracks, “There She Go,” “Playa No More,” and “Selfish” all could pass as intro tracks too and probably served best as an intro track to an album BUT these were songs were potential hit songs that offer clear introductions to PnB Rock’s worldview. I really enjoyed “Playa No More” which featured A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Quavo. I highly recommend this song for your pre-game or turn up playlists.  “There She Go and “Selfish” were okay to me but I know they could be loved easily by others. (I don’t like YFN Lucci…. IDK WHY)  “Range Rover” was PnB’s “trap” song and it was pretty dope.  “Rollie all on my wrist/Bitch I ball no assist/Smoking weed by the zip/Whole squad yeah we lit” After PnB gives us the trap side of him he switches to the other side of the spectrum with “Notice Me.” On here PnB asks for a second of a woman’s time, whose attention is buried in social media. (TO MY MALE READERS I KNOW YOU CAN RELATE…THIS IS OUR SONG)

“In your hand all day, on the ’gram all day/You been tweeting, snapchatting/And I feel like I just got to ask you/Do you notice me?”

Anyways, after “Notice Me” we stumble across my two favorite tracks on here “Hanging Up My Jersey” featuring Ty$ and “Smile.” I didn’t want to say this but, WHY DOES PNB ROCK SOUND JUST LIKE TY$ AT TIMES? On my first listens on these two tracks I couldn’t tell who was who on “Hanging Up My Jersey” and I was convinced “Smile” was a Ty$ track. Other than that, though these songs are good examples of PnB as a singer/rapper.

“Misunderstood,” “Heart Racin’,”and  “Questions” were decent tracks. As we end with the last couple tracks, here is where I realized the listing of these tracks dog the album a bit. With “New Day” produced by frequent Lil Uzi Vert collaborator Maaly Raw, is buried as the second to last track but it COULD HAVE added a bit of energy to the album’s SO-SO middle section. The album closes with “Stand Back,” a super aggressive track that bumps so hard! Here again we have another A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie feature and he bodies his verse. These two share a natural chemistry which is dope for to upcomers. A few more cuts like the last two would have been nice.


So as I come to close with this review of PnB Rock’s “GTTM: Goin Thru the Motions” album, PnB Rock shows more than enough heart and individual talent to be great. This album was okay for a first project, but there is room for some growth. But disregarding some of the missteps, lack of fluidity on the album, there’s still a good new artist here, someone capable of more. I will definitely keeping up with PnB Rock and see where he goes from here.



(Sorry Jam lol)

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