Blackbear “Digital Druglord” Album Review


So I had no idea who Blackbear was. What attracted me to even check out this project was simply the title and the album cover art. I mean “Digital Druglord?” Prescription Drugs covering a woman’s bare chest? Yeah all that seemed so interesting to me. But what I didn’t know was that I knew who Blackbear was the whole time. Well at least I knew of some of his work. Matthew Musto, Blackbear, is a hip hop recording artist, singer, songwriter and record producer. Blackbear is best known for his rap and R&B-oriented music. He has collabed with the likes of Justin Bieber, G-Eazy, Mike Posner, James Blake, Maejor Ali, Palisades, Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun, Rivers Cuomo, Childish Gambino, Pharrell Williams, and Linkin Park. He actually co-wrote Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” which debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida Blackbear’s career began in 2012 but really started generating some buzz last year from EP’s that he released that never disappointed his fans and brought in new ones. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into with this project but I was optimistic and ready for whatever.

Top 5 Songs re mi

4. moodz ft. 24hrs

3.wish u the best

2.if i could i would feel nothing

1. chateau

I’d usually give a short breakdown here but instead I wanted to say why I chose these 5 songs. Each song is essentially different in styles and sound. This shows off Blackbear’s versatility. Versatility in today’s industry is a MAJOR KEY if you don’t want to be the guy that is washed after a few years….( I won’t name drop but y’all can as you read) Also I love the production on these five tracks the most, especially “chateau”

Song Breakdown

  1. hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone (4.25/5)
  2. moodz ft. 24hrs (4.5/5)
  3. i miss the old u  (4/5)
  4. do re mi (4.25/5)
  5. wish u the best (5/5)
  6. juicy sweatsuits ft. Juicy J(4/5)
  7. double(4/5)
  8. if i could i would feel  (5/5)
  9. chateau(5/5)
  10. make daddy proud(3.75/5)

Blackbear has been working! “Digital Druglord” is Blackbear’s third project in the first four months of the year, the other two being his solo EP Salt and Mansionz, the self-titled debut album from Musto and Mike Posner as a hip-hop duo. “Digital Druglord” starts out real slow with the opening track, ” hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone.” So this track follows his common trend on previous work creating angsty trap ballads. Here Blackbear  shows off his vocal abilities. This was definitely another notable song, with lyrics like, “My mom’s unhappy/With all the choices I been making with my life/I don’t even fucking care though/I’m probably going to die/Like everyone else.” The music content may not be for everyone but believe me when I say this, the level of care and attention that is given to the production on Digital Druglord is noticeable and makes the album worth listening to. “moodz” is a real moody track. (HA!) 24hrs verse fits really well on this song. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two paired up again in the near future. The next two tracks “i miss the old u” and “do re mi,”  follow that predictable formula for “edgy” urban pop but I love Blackbear’s sound and singing ability so it makes for solid tracks. I did like “do re mi” more though! Extremely catchy. The next track “wish u the best,” is probably the best representation of the album as a whole. It is also a very enjoyable cut on its own. You gotta love the incorporation of an enjoyable R&B beat into its melody. The album has a forgettable feature from Juicy J on “juicy sweatsuits” but of course Blackbear shines with his vocals and hook. At this point i was really feeling this project, then “Double” happened. The tempo starts to slowdown here but there’s no major drop-offs here with the vibes previously felt before this track. “if i could i would feel” was another standout on “Digital Druglord.” This song has that R&B sound that we all love. He sounds really good on hear. Could be joust be me, but I think I’m right on the money here to say that Blackbear is gifted. Now we have arrived my NEW FAVORITE SONG OF THIS YEAR. “Chateau” was made for the clubs or ragers. The song has some of the strongest production on the album, mixing a crisp beat with reverberating vocals to create a track with a completely different vibe than the rest of the album. This is my track for the summer y’all can have everything else out there! The closing track “make daddy proud” is a pop track that is radio ready. It has a catchy bridge of “how do you cope with it/ how do you sleep with yourself at night,” a question he seems to be directing both at himself and the listener.


Some compare Blackbear to G-Eazy. So if you are a fan of G-Eazy you’ll enjoy this project. I personally don’t really agree without but whatever. When I stumbled across “Digital Druglord” I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t even know who Blackbear was. It was eagerness to listen to all types of music and different artists that even made me consider it. This project does a really good job with production. As a whole project I had no issue on any of the tracks. The album does a great job generating a catchy and particular beats that sways with its melodies nicely. He’s not really a rapper but he has a rapping and an R&B-oriented style which I love. His vocals sound great all the types of beats experimented on this project. I must say this though, his song content sometimes was on the borderline-dark side and could be some what of a turnoff, “Digital Druglord is a beautifully produced project by a young talented artist, in which I am now a huge fan of , that is worth a listen. I wish there were more tracks though!!!



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