Buddy x Kaytranada “Ocean & Montana” Review

Compton’s very own Buddy & one of the hottest young producers in the game right now, Kaytranda, come together to create “Ocean & Montana” EP. Buddy is a young rapper with alot of upside and hes VERY DIFFERENT. He comes from Compton but isn’t a street guy like YG or a restless intellectual like Kendrick Lamar. Buddy grew up in performing-arts schools, was a former child actor who spent a lot of time onstage and in musicals. He’s also a church kid. The never aging legend we all love, Pharrell, discovered him while Buddy was still in high school. Five years ago, Buddy and Pharrell teamed up for “Awesome Awesome.” This was obviously produced by Pharell, and incorprated that amazing scrape-clank Neptunes sound.In 2014, Buddy released Idle Time, an EP that featured appearances from Cali rap peers like Kendrick, Casey Veggies, and Freddie Gibbs but also from actual pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. The thing with Buddy is that he’s always been a perfectly fine rapper but this team up Kaytranada elevated him. Kaytranada has produced a lot of tracks for a lot of rappers: Mobb Deep, Freddie Gibbs, Mick Jenkins, Talib Kweli, GoldLink, Chance The Rapper. But Kaytranada’s never been a rap producer. He’s seen as a “House” producer who is able to incorporate house, rap, jazz and R&B to create his sounds. I was super intrigued when i did my quick google search on who Buddy was. The fact he was teaming up with Kaytranada i knew we were in for a real treat.

Top 5 Songs


Buddy’s aggressive and fast rhymes here shows that he shouldn’t be taken lightly. The beat here is really unique and different from other songs on here but I love it. Buddy did his thing but Kaytranada FINESSED THE BEAT. But um can we get a Big K.R.I.T remix to this song? This beat sounded like something he would be spittin on. That could be legendary.

4. A LITE 

 THIS IS THAT PURE WEST COAST RAP SOUND. On here Buddy raps about being at this dope party but is having a small issue, that he can’t find a lighter for his blunt!!!!! (I don’t smoke but I know y’all smokers can relate) I love how this sounds. I love doing my little fake west coact dance to this!


Man Kaytranada and Buddy’s influence from Pharrell is shown here. This sounded very Neptunish to me. Pharrell and The Neptunes could agree. Buddy’s guirky flow on here is dope and this track as whole just makes you want to get up and dance! Very Dope Track!


This song follows that island/afrobeat sound we are hearing a lot of these days. Personally I love it being Ghanaian and all! On here Buddy raps about his “Wonder Woman” and wanting her to take him into “her world of wonders” and wanting to get know her more. I love the lyrics on here too, especially verse two.

“Uh oh
All the single ladies feeling like Beyoncé
Let me hear you say, (uh oh)
I prayed for someone like you all my life like K-Ci and JoJo
We drinking on gin and wine, baby, tell me, is it any room in those jeans?
‘Cause you could be my breakfast
You could be my lunch, my dinner, you know eat it, ooh”

I LOVE IT! Flame ON!


I was really feeling this song and I thought it was well suited as the first track on this project. On it, Buddy raps about digging deep into trying to find himself. He explains how, why, and when he became “lost and alone.” Love how sounds on here. This beat was one of my favorites after “World of Wonders!”

Tracklist and Ratings

1. Find Me (5/5)

2. Guillotine (4.5/5)

3.World of Wonders (5/5)

4. A Lite (4.5/5

5. Love Or Something (4.7/5)

This project is really good y’all! This was just a 5 track EP but I loved what I heard on here. Buddy is really versatile and that is going to be major as he continues to grow as an artist in the industry. We heard him on some R&B vibes, some island/afro beat vibes, and West Coast vibes and he sounded authentic with every style switch up. Kaytranada’s contributions shouldn’t go unnoticed on here either! His ability to create all these different sounds is super impressive. Personally I believe he is one of the best producers out now, young or old. Some may not agree but stop sleeping. I really wished this was a longer project!!

Conclusion and Rating 

There are so many different ways to rap these days and so many different sounds. One of the hardest rap styles is where the artist can evoke a mood in a way the rapper’s voice seems to float and compliment a beats sound. Buddy is that kind of rapper and that’s just one of his many styles honestly. He is that versatile. Buddy put out music in the past but could not quite breakthrough. Kaytranada helped elevate him as much as Buddy helped elevate Kay. The future is bright for Buddy and Kaytranada and best believe I AM HERE FOR IT. I hope to hear more collabs from these two. I’d actually love to hear these two and a GoldLink, but that may just be me.  I highly recommend you guys check this project out. Thanks for reading!

 Rating: 9.5/10

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