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So I am pretty late with this review but its better now than never. Drake gives us “More Life” with “More Life.” I say this because Drake really gave us a 22 track project! Personally I liked the projects length, but due to its length some assumed it’d be another “Views” and it’d be split down the middle with Hot and throw away tracks. (Views wasn’t trash though so….) Speaking of “Views,” isn’t an album that will receive the classic badge of honor, but it did solidify Drake’s position as one of the biggest recording artists in the world. The man broke all the records and topped all the charts and proved that in both hip-hop and pop only a few are standing on the same mountain top as the boy Aubrey. (I’ll never get over his name being Aubrey) Anyways, what I expected on “More Life” was a whole bunch of features and a nice blend of all of our different versions of Drake. But I saw it mainly as a blend of the best of “If You’re Reading This” and “Views” and turning it into one big playlist project. Let’s Dive In Shall We?

Top 5 Songs

5. “4422”

When I heard Lil Wayne talking in the background at the end of “Blem” I was like oh shit what’s next a Weezy x Drizzy track?! BUT NO! IT WAS FREAKIN SAMPHA! AND AS EXPECTED, HE DID HIS THING.. It seems a bit weird that I have a song on Drake’s project in my top 5 but it is part of “More Life.” It was a nice surprise to hear Sampha on another Drake project. Maybe they have some songs stashed together we’ll hear in the future? (Oh and if you haven’t peeped Sampha’s “Process” Album, go do that.)


This man Drake came in on this track so dam smooth. But I didn’t catch this interesting message till like two weeks ago. Check it out:

“Wrote this shit, January 21.
Baby girl, I had to run, I be back a couple months.
Kendall turned 21, was up the street with 21.
They could see me online but they won’t see me on the ones.
I got Dubai plates, in a California state.
I got her waitin’ at my place, I got no baby on the way.”

Is Drake referring to the Pornstar that swore she was having Drizzy’s kid? (LOL I was very shook) I loved how smooth everyone raped on this track. To me it sounded as Drake adapted 21 savages flow here. The song has a good hook, followed by a good 2 Chainz verse. But man, oh man did Young Thug smash his verse. ( ALSO THIS IS THE CLEAREST HE HAS EVER SOUNDED!!! )

3. “GLOW”

I NEED THE DRAKE AND KANYE JOINT ALBUM.  We got a flashback of  “Old Kanye” on here man and it brought tears of joy to my eyes.  The sound of his voice is different than the Kanye I heard on The Life of Pablo. It was incredible. Also we got some pretty good rapping too from him. I loved it especially when he and Drake were going back and forth. Also the switch up to close out the track is GOLD.


I. LOVE.WHEN. DRAKE.RAPS.LIKE.THIS. I just want to say this the Drake that made me a fan. He’s really spittin ‘ on here too, talk that talk Drizzy. This is a great way to end an outro track.


Okay I wish I still played the flute man and took that ish serious because the flutes being incorporated in trap songs are the best songs!! (Ex: “Mask Off” x Future) I believe Drake writes most of his stuff but does have a little OVO Sweatshop of Ghost Writers. If this is true, those sweatshop workers need a raise because whether it was Drake or them that wrote this verse and created this flow is genius because Drake did the damn thing on here! Quavo and Travis though man, hell of a combination. These three created GOLD here and this is a song that’ll never get old.

*It was very hard to pick just 5 songs…..*

Song Breakdown

1.FREE SMOKE (5/5)

2. NO LONG TALK (4.75/5)


4. JORJA INTERLUDE (4.75/5),

5. GET IT TOGETHER (4.75/5)


7. BLEM (5/5)

8. 4422 (5/5)



11. PORTLAND (5/5)

12. SACRIFICES (5/5)


14. TEENAGE FEVER (4.25/5)

15. KMT (4.75/5)

16. LOSE YOU (5/5)


18. GLOW (5/5)

19. SINCE WAY BACK (3.8/5)

20. FAKE LOVE (4/5)

21. ICE MELTS (4.25/5)

22. DO NOT DISTURB (5/5)

“More Life” is the total package and WE CAN NOT ACT LIKE IT WASN’T PEOPLE. This project was really good. I love the versatility Drake shows on here. I think my favorite Drake is when he is rapping! But I don’t mind singing Drake, the Caribbean Drake or UK Grime rapper Drake. Drake called this project a playlist for reason but the fantastic blend and sound quality makes me dumb this a dam album, as we should.

The project starts of with a f@%ckin BANG with “Free Smoke.” He goes in here and talks Jay-Z, Meek and addresses Ghost Writing! Drake unloaded the clip and set the tone I thought. But then you realize this is a playlists. So the next track is “No Long Talk” featuring Giggs. Giggs is also featured on “KMT.” Both tracks have that same aggressive high energy and on “No Long Talk” we get the British Grime Rapper Drake and its not bad of a track. On here Giggs has a cool flow, his voice is kinda annoying, but the aggression is there. Not bad by Giggs. But since we’re talking Giggs I must address “KMT.” “KMT” is ABSOLUTE FIRE. I DO NOT CARE IF DRAKE STOLE XXXTENCIAON FLOW, HE DID IT BETTER THAN HIM. OH, AND THAT BOY GIGGS?! Yeah, his verse was f%@kin trash. BUT, Its how he made it sound and the tone of his voice what makes it hot. On those tracks we saw Drake experimenting with two different flows and I felt that it worked out.

Of course “More Life” incorporated Singing Drake. Whether it was traditional singing Drake or Drake singing over afrobeats, it all sounded amazing. This is displayed from tracks two through seven with “Passionfruit,” “Jorja Interlude,” “Get It Together,” “Madiba Riddim,” and the instant sing along “Blem.”

“PassionFruit”  is the most Drake-esque title we’ve seen since “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” It provided “Tropical vibes” and was a complete switch up from the opening trap-driven, rap records. Passion Fruit is like a mature version of”One Dance.”Jorja Interlude” was an interesting track. Wasn’t really singing track but it was light rapping and this MAN SAMPLED HIS OWN TRACK AT THE END. (I Screamed When I Caught On To That) So at first I was like who is Jorja? Then I remembered anytime Drake has an interlude named after a woman it’s an instant classic. (Ex: Bria’s Interlude) It was a dope interlude an great way to lead into “Get it Together” which features Jorja Smith and Black Coffee. I wonder if Jorja is a new OVO artist. She got an interlude names after her. But anyways as we continue on we stumble across an absolute banger of a track “Madiba Riddim.” This track is literally controlla and one dance on the juice. This track has a great melody and its warm sounding. The lyrics though really speak to you too. does this song get radio play? I feel like it should.  The Caribbean Drake sticks around for “Blem,” a very upbeat sing along track. I love this. The whole idea of this project being a playlists hits right after this song.  As “Blem” ends, Lil Wayne appears! You hear the lighter flick and everything. Wayne starts speaking and says, “Good morning, good afternoon, good night! I’m here to talk about (More Life) One second .” This transitions into “4422” and it’s not Drake on here it’s Sampha. Wayne teases the hell out of us but it’s okay because Sampha’s vocals did the justice.

From  “Gyalchester”, “Skepta Interlude,” “Portland,” “Sacrifices,” “Nothings Into Somethings,” “Lose You,” and “Cant Have Everything we got ALOT OF RAPPING . “Gyalchester” had its own personality. Those drums and baselines were ridiculous and Drake sounded great over them. He also aid he doesn’t take naps? I call bullshit. This leads into “Skepta Interlude” where we have a very aggressive rhyming Skepta  killing his verse over a hard hitting horns and drums instrumental. With Sampha and Skepta getting their own tracks and they all having their own sounds kind of helps us understand why Drake calls this a “playlist.” The following tracks “Portland” and “Sacrifices”  were LOADED with features. “Portland” featured Quavo and Travis Scott and “Sacrifices” featured 2 Chainz and Young Thug. “Teenage Fever,” “Since Way Back,” “Fake Love,” and “Ice Melts” were all cool songs but some of my least favorites. Drake and Young Thug sounded good together on Ice Melts and now Drake is producing Young Thug’s singing album? (They might as well just do a joint project)

I want to take the to take this time to discuss “Glow” and “Do Not Disturb”. “Glow” really impressed me. Drake and Ye sound good together and  I NEED THE DAM COLAB ALBUM LIKE ASAP. Kanye sounds like Graduation Kanye and I love it. Makes me wonder if Ye is going back to his original style and delivery. Regardless I’ll love the artist that is Kanye and I know he had something to do with the awesome production on here. The back and forth between him and Drake was too dope. I listen to this track at least 3x every morning before work. We need more Drake and Kanye people.

“Do Not Disturb” was the closing track on here and all II can say is WOW. Drake rapping over vocal samples might have to get the same treatment as when Ross does it, this track was that good. The instrumental here samples the vocals of Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra.  This outro track kind of picks up from where “Lose You” left off. On here, Drake raps about everything that happened to Drake since the release of “Views.” Drake also jumps from topic to topic here too, from his rap feuds (Tory Lanez) to maintaining romantic relationships. The last few bars went like this:

“My life is set around competition and currency.
Takin’ summer off, ’cause they tell me I need recovery.
Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life will humble me.
I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary.
More Life”

What a way to close  out!

Conclusion and Rating

I’ll just get to the point. “More Life” was a fantastic project that gave us all the various forms of Drake. It showed all of his influences  from London to Toronto, Atlanta’s Trap to Africa’s Afrobeat and it took a playlist for him to give all the sounds he loves a safe home. If “Views” were like this it possibly would have beat out chance for album of the year on my “Top 50 Albums of 2016.” I did wish there were more features on here since it was a “playlist” and a Wayne verse would have been nice. I love Drake for giving us something that’ll last us until his next project but with his competition stepping their games up will Drake be forced to give us something this fall/winter? We’ll see. But uh…..”More Chune For Your Head Top, So Watch How You Speak On My Name You Know?”  (LOL) Thanks for reading guys. 

Rating: 9.5/10🔥

*Some Of Y’all Will Say This Got Too Much Love But You’ll Understand With Time.*

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