Young M.A “#HerStory” Album Review


Finally, Young MA gives us a project!! As some already know I am a huge fan of Young M.A. After she dropped “OOOUU,” she continued releasing a few YouTube freestyle videos and they were all very dope but I started to wonder if she was going to be putting out a project soon because to me M.A is too talented to be a one hit wonder. When she released “Hot Sauce” I KNEW she was here to stay and was ready to make some real noise. This “#HerStory” EP dropped at a great time. Personally I felt this EP needed to be put out to solidify her as more than a one hit wonder.

My Top 5 Songs


Real dope track that references between Young M.A and her girlfriend? I think. Her name isn’t Bonnie but its referring to them being the new day “Bonnie and Clyde.” It’s funny because on here you can feel M.A’s emotions as she’s spitting. (She is sprung lol)


THIS TRACK SCREAMS NEW YORK. This probably is M.A best song rap wise when looking at her flow, topic matter and the passion she’s rapping with. Also, M.A sings a little bit on here which I thought was cool.


 I love this song for the beat but M.A spits kinda hard on here. Nothing too crazy but its her flow on here that’s lit. She raps about how she rides with her same crew and all that loyal talk that comes with a good group of ride or dies.


You call her Stephanie ? AND TILL THIS DAY WE ARE STILL CALLING HER HEADPHANIE!!! Man this song is still hot even after a year later. Like what can I say? Beat is hard! The Bars were present and Young M.A gave us a taste of her whole swag and what she’s all about. I wonder if this song will ever get old.


I love this dam song! I personally think its better than “OOOUUU.” It does feel the same vibe wise, but the beat hits way  harder. That beat drop after each bar also gives this song that additional fire to it. Showtyme is a genius for what he did on this track, production wise. Young M.A. keep making tracks like this every now and then PLEASE!

Song Breakdown

  1. M.A. INTRO (5/5)
  2. HOT SAUCE (5/5)
  3. JOOTD (2/5)
  4. SELF MADE (4/5)
  5. BONNIE (4/5)
  6. SAME SET (4/5)
  7. OOOUUU (5/5)

The name of this EP says it all. This project explores the life an aspect where no one else but her could reveal.  On the “M.A Intro,” she raps about what she represents, her outlook on life and what we all like to hear, where she came from and the growth she made in her career. She addresses alot in two minutes and it seemed so effortless! Young M.A continues to expand on her common theme on tracks like “Self Made,” “Same Set,” and “Hot Sauce.” All had an authentic sound that only the Twenty five year old, brooklyn rapper could generate. Each track flowed into each other perfectly, it`s clear she did this on purpose to demonstrate a timeline of events that occurred in her life. Also on this EP, M.A covers a little bit of her love life on “Bonnie” and “Jootd,” which features Monica. Yes Monica!

Conclusion and Rating

“#HerStory” EP was solid first project by Young M.A.  In my opinion I saw “Hot Sauce” to be the most outstanding track on the EP. It was produced by Showtyme and he really did a good job in envisioning how  Young M.A  would utilize the beat. That track is flawless.  My least favorite would have to be “ JOOTD.” I didn’t like how it sounded but also it simply didn’t seem to fit in with the EP. Young M.A’s  “#Herstory” is definitely a project worth checking out. I wouldn’t call it gold but its a good FIRST PROJECT.  It’ll definitely keep you interested in Young M.A. and looking out and monitoring her growth from here.


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