Man we all love where music is heading today, lets not front! There is so much new talent and different sounds! Jimmy Blade, 1/2 of 9193 (nine one nine three) dynamic duo hailing from the DMV, is one of those new guys we need to really lookout for. Fresh off 9193’s “For Lovers Only” EP, which is very dope project and a must listen by the way, Jimmy gives us “Get It Done” where he gives us dope bars and nice wordplay over  a nicely produced beat by Juno Adonis and engineered by Lux Ferre (other half of 9193). Blade spits about how far he’s come and how no matter what the task is, he “Get’s It Done.” If you are a fan of “Real Hip Hop” you’ll enjoy this track. Personally I love this track because he’s really rapping on here and what you will come to learn from Mr. Blade he never fails to deliver and he shows progress every time he releases new music. That’s what it takes to be a great artist. I hope to hear more tracks soon from Jimmy and 9193 as a whole!

Rating: 5/5


Below I went ahead and added the link for 9193’s “For Lovers Only” EP!! Also, Jimmy told me this weekend that there’s an EP on the way! Stay tuned!


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