Vic Mensa “The Manuscript” EP Review

HE’S BAAAAAAACCKKKKK!! Vic Mensa brings us “The Manuscript” to follow up on one of last year’s best projects in my opinion, “There’s Alot Going On.”  This four track EP that he calls a “capsule,” features the likes of Pusha T and Mr. Hudson! (Yes that Mr. Hudson). On the production side we have production by  Pharrell, Malik Yusef, No I.D., and 1500. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Vic said that his new album will be out this summer and will feature Joey Purp, Malik Yusef, and more. I can’t wait!

Tracklist and Ratings 
1. Almost There (feat. Mr. Hudson) (4.75/5)
2. OMG (feat. Pharrell & Pusha T) (4.4/5)
3. Rolling Like A Stoner (4.25/5)
4. Rage (4.5/5)

So “The Manuscript is the latest in the evolution of Vic Mensa, showcasing both his growth and his frustration.  On “Almost There” Vic waste’s no time addressing his progression:

“This for all my fans that say they want the old Vic. I’ve grown too much to ever be the old Vic/I’m new and improved call me Vic 2.0, still making two points every time I move an O!”

“Almost There” was a real dope track and my personal favorite. Vic graces the track with his well known dope word play and heavy hitting lyrics. He also featured Mr. Hudson for the hook and that was definitely a good look. This would be a great intro on an album. I swear there’s two sides to Vic Mensa, like a Dr. Jekyll and Hyde and on “The Manuscript” it brings these two Vic’s together. On “OMG” an angered says  “Fuck Bill O’Reilly” trying to not completely lose his cool. (BUT F BILL O’REILLY FOR REAL) This track features Pusha T and Pharrell. Vic shows his confidence on this track and he’s complemented by King Push! Vic’s old Auto-Tune habits resurrect on the synth-heavy “Rollin’ Like A Stoner,”  and on the anthem like track finale “Rage.” Vic seems to have found middle ground now and its definitely something Vic fans should be content with.

Conclusion and Rating

At the mere age of 24, It seems as Vic Mensa has had somewhat of a lengthy career and has used many different sounds. Plenty of artist strive for the level of creativity that Vic poses. Vic’s wide range of styles and sounds sometimes have seen to be a distraction but with time he’s come along to just acknowledge listeners with a  “judge it as you may” mindset, with it being his music creations. Fans might be begging for the “old Vic,” but this new Vic they’ll definitely settle for.

Rating: 9.3/10

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