Lil Wayne “In Tune We Trust” Review

Man….I would have never thought I would have a chance to review anything by Weezy. With the Carter V being held hostage and all I’ve given up on ever hearing a Wayne project. He will always get a few features because of who is, obviously one of the GOATs.  Wayne blessed us with a surprise  “In Tune We Trust.” Lets dive in!

1. Loyalty feat. Gudda Gudda & HoodyBaby (4/5)

YOOOOO  GUDDA GUDDA RETURNS!!! I miss this man. Anyways Weezy starts of this short EP with “Loyalty” featuring long time compadre Gudda Gudda and HoodyBaby. Gudda did his thing on here. Nice to see he still shows his consistency and dope flow on here. He had some what of a silly flow that reminded me of older tracks such as “I Don’t Like The Look Of It.”(Big time banger from 2010 btw) HoodyBaby was alright i guess. sounded good following up after Gudda Gudda. Wayne going last was perfect. He ripped this ish for real. The wordplay was excellent on here! After this track i was excited for what was next. 

2. Magnolia (Freestyle) (4.5/5)

OKAY LOOK. THOSE WHO KNOW ME WELL KNOW THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE SONG STILL AND THE FACT WAYNE HOPPED ON IT WAS ONLY RIGHT!!! Wayne raps well on here actually and gives a nice shoutout to Magnolia legend Soulja Slim. (RIP) I still dig Playboi Carti’s version more but Wayne did the dam thing on here and he showed Tory LAMEZ how to actually remix Magnolia the right way….

3. Fireworks feat. Young Jeezy (3.75/5)

OKAY MIKE WILL MADE IT! I  love it…. Jeezy comes in with some high energy. I can dig it! BUT DAM……Wayne is still shitting in all 10 of his bathrooms…… Anyways this song isn’t bad, its not great but its decent. Wayne started off awful but picked it up a tad bit after his first few bars.This is no where near as good as previous Jeezy and Wayne collabs that’s for sure. 

4. Mula Gang feat. Jay Jones, HoodyBaby & Euro (4/5)

Well “Mula Gang” is not what we would expect. “Mula Gang” to me is Drake, Nicki, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda Mack Maine and Lil Twist. BUT HEY TIMES HAVE CHANGED. This song features Jay Jnes, Hoody Baby, and Euro. These guys are Young Moneys young boys i believe. I’m some what familar with Euro but everyone else I have no clue when they emerged…. But anyways the features on this track sound alright. I would like to hear more Wayne or some of the original YM crew but we “Can’t Have Everythang” *Drake Voice* 

Well Thank You Wayne for the gift. This wasn’t supposed to be anything mind blowing but its nice to hear Wayne with all that’s going on. This was an okay EP that doesn’t have screaming “Wayne is back” but, He definitely can still rap and I hope he can put together a project soon that does blow us all away. #FREEC5 

RATING: 7.5/10

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