NEW MUSIC ALERT: MADEINTYO – Long Socks, Bookoo Baby, Babye Bawse & Goat Life

 So one of my favorite XXL Freshman (unfortunately), MADEINTYO has a project on the way called “Trues World!” So as most artist do with a new project coming out, he released a few new songs via Soundcloud to get that buzz generated. But I have to get this off my chest…..I actually am a huge fan of MADEINTYO but i was disgusted with all his XXL freestyles… So right now he’s going to have to win me over again. Let’s dive in. 


‘Long Socks’ sounds TOO MUCH like  “Uber Everywhere”….. It’s done by the same producer and all. Was this what “Uber Everywhere” was supposed to before the idea?  This sounds like a freestyle and this already is better than both XXL freestyles. The tracks real short so there isn’t much to say but I have no issues. 

Rating: 4/5


Okay I can dig this! On here we have that aggressive flex on anyone even though I’m like 5’2 Mr. Tokyo sound we all love I’m sure! Even though his approach is different this kinda sounds like “Long Socks.” “Long Socks” sounds like “Uber Everywhere”…. Okay never mind. But I actually love this so I’m gonna let this rock. 

Rating: 4.4/5 


Finally a full length song with a hook and all!! I like this song. It’s funny though how much this sounds a like a Migos track a little bit. Which is okay because he is from ATL and all ATL artist to me bite the Migos sound at times. This track is good though. The hook is super catchy too! 

Rating: 4.25/5


That “Goat Life” sounds amazing MADEINTYO…. So the first 3 songs were released Wednesday i believe and this was released on Thursday. The beat on here is dope. reminds me of the previous 3 songs but it has more of a bounce to it! MADEINTYO matches the sound of the beat with rapping with that same bounce as he raps about flexing and loving life as usual. This may be my favorite of the four songs I’ve reviewed but I’m curious on how this upcoming project will sound. I hope MADEINTYO doesn’t digress. He has potential…. At least I think he does.

Rating: 4.5/5   

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