NEW MUSIC ALERT: N.O.R.E. – Uno Mas (Ft. Pharrell)


I have actually been waiting on this track for quite sometime. I;m a big fan of N.O.R.E’s Drink Champ Podcast, which i highly recommend you guys check out on YouTube, and on there he talked about having some fire coming out with his good luck charm Pharrell. But guys I had no idea a song like this was possible……..

N.O.RE and Pharrell give us another hit but the create a banger that has that youthful, spirited, international dance vibe to it. I honestly can not stop dancing to this track. Both artists sound amazing on here man. N.O.R.E is real gritty but sounds great on this colorful track. This showcases more of Pharrell’s talents in my opinion but who cares. This song is dope and both these artists are LEGENDS. Please have a listen to this track especially if you are sad Summer is ending. 

Rating: 5/5

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