SONG OF THE DAY 1/2/2018: Wiz Khalifa ‘The Race’


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!  I hope 2018 is full of endless blessings for you and your loved ones. Even though today is the 2nd day of a 2018, the song of the day is from March of 2011! This morning on my first commute of the new year into work, I was able to reflect on my 2017 and just an overall reflection of what I have accomplished and what I want to accomplish in the new year. So, as I’m reflecting going through my Apple Music library I stumble across one of my favorite songs by Wiz Khalifa, ‘The Race’ off of his “Rolling Papers” album. This song was the anthem for my old roommate from my RMC days, Justin Becker and I. We LOVED this song. The whole Starr Hall gang loved this song! How could you not? Wiz rapped about his road to success and the impact it’s made on his life. We all love to hear our favorite artist talk about the road to success. This is a real positive track that belongs on all our Motivational playlist.  So, as we kick off the new year we should all, strive to be as successful as possible and not settle. Stay Hungry.

Bless up.


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