SONG OF THE DAY 1/4/2018: Lil Wayne Ft. Drake ‘Family Feud’


Okay so today’s song of the day comes from two of my favorite artist ever. So when this track dropped I did not comment much because I was truly blown away.  I was  extremely happy to hear a Wayne x Drake track because it has been awhile it feels like! Wayne teased us with a sound bit on Drake’s ‘More Life’ but that was it.

Drake WENT OFF. We heard that vintage Drake as he rapped about about real sh*t and got a lot off his chest doing so. He kind of called a truce with Meek Mill, discussed his willingness to pay Weezy and stated how important it is he gets taken care of and also dropped a funny bar about a Kaepernick and Diddy convo. Weezy complemented Drake perfectly as he tends to do every time they get together. Wayne showed off his dope wordplay and rhyming the same syllables multiple times. Wayne is far from finished y’all. He may not be in his Prime but he is still nice. I loved D6 and apparently a ‘Dedication 6’ is on the way and I am very excited especially if Wayne will be rapping like this. I hope for more Wayne and Drake in the future. Free C5 please! Especially if C5 will be near the quality of this track and or near the quality of the best tracks off of D6!




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