NEW MUSIC ALERT Vol.1 : Kendrick x SZA, Sir Michael Rocks, Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Uzi Vert, Justin Timberlake, and Many More Artist Drop Heat to Kick Start the New Year

What’s Happening’ Y’all! I hope you all had excellent weekends and refrained from freezing to death. So this year I decided I will be doing weekly new music post. So every Sunday expect a post from me with all the new chunes from our favorite artist, new artist and our local artist. I’ll post a stream link of the new music from the artist’s Soundcloud, Spotify, or YouTube so you won’t miss out! Each new track will receive a rating out of 5 from me. In the comments or via twitter get at me and let me know if a song was hot or not or If there was music I missed! Enjoy Volume 1 of ‘New Music Alert’.


Lil Uzi Vert – Mood

It looks as if Lil Uzi Vert will most certainly not take his foot off the gas pedal. After a terrific 2017, Uzi seems to be motivated as he drops another potential banger ‘Mood.’ ‘Mood’ isn’t another mega-hit  like “XO Tour Life” was but, its still pretty good! Southside and TM88 are on the production so you know that this is a recipe for success.  Uzi’s rock-star mentality is admirable! I think Uzi becomes even bigger this year. 

Rating: 5/5

24hrs – Regina George (Ft. blackbear)

blackbear and 24hrs are good together. If you had a chance to checkout blackbear’s ‘Digital Druglord’ project you would know this already… On there, they collabed on ‘2 moodz’ and that was a huge success in my opinion. So before I even hit play i knew this was a hit. ‘Regina George’ shows off  an amazing production job and two young singing/rapping artist that they sound way too good together. I wouldn’t mind a 10 track collab from these two. 

Rating: 5/5 

Sir Michael Rocks – Bag Emoji


Mikey Rocks!! One half of the Cool Kids, gives us a pretty laid-back but kind of energetic 2 minute track while he delivers some cryptocurrency advice at the same time! I’m not to sure if he has any projects on the way but this shall do for now!

Rating: 4.2/5

Tekashi69 – Keke (Ft. A Boogie Wit The Hoodie & Fetty Wap)



Man this guy skittles…. I mean Tekashi69 is an interesting dude. On this interesting collab of he, A Boogie and Fetty Wap, 6ix9ine some what goes in on his verse. He’s screaming a bunch of sh*t but It sounded okay. Actually it was kind of hard. I’m confused. I think he’s growing on me.  Anyways, A Boogie and Fetty Wap (May be the same person low key) both come on a lot calmer than 6ix9ine and deliver i guess. Not the BIGGEST FAN of A Boogie but i guess he is tolerable on here. Tekashi69 is definitely generating some serious buzz! Lets see what 2018 has in store for him. 

Rating: 3.8/5

Brian (aka Rich Chigga) – See Me


I guess Rich Chigga is going by Brian now? But on here “Brian” channels his inner Kid Cudi!! This song is low key fire. It is obvious someone has been working on their craft. After hearing this I’m pretty curious as to what Brian has in store for us this year! 

Rating: 4.5/5

Kodak Black – Here It is



This track is supposed to send out these sentimental vibes. Well the beat does that but Kodak….. he is talking about some real shit but you can barely tell. But yeah I don’t like this sh*t next. 

Rating: 2/5

K. Camp – Cranberry Juice


K.Camp returns with his usual dark sounded records that are perfect for any club or house party. I actually really enjoyed this here as we get some great production here blended with K. Camp delivering some dope bars. I wonder what y’all think of this track though because I think it could be a banger for him. I recommend this for all pregame playlist night lifers! 

Rating: 4.5/5

Raekwon Delivers TWICE!

Raekwon – The Biz 


Raekwon- The Sky 


The Chef will still be rapping in 2025. After all these years, he has not lost a dam step. He is a real MC. On both these new tracks, especially ‘The Sky’ he drops bar after bar after bar to let us know he’s still here! It’s always nice to hear the OGs of hip hop return to the scene with heat. Both tracks didn’t blow me away but they were solid. 

Overall Rating: 4/5

Ronny J – TRIXXX (Ft. Lil Pump)

I like this song and I don’t know why. It’s as ignorant as you can get with Ronny J and the Mumble Rap Champ, Lil Pump. Song starts off with some trash singing and Ronny’s weak ass verse but Lil Pump is the real MVP here. His verse is why i like this song. No its not lyrical but it does the job. He has this swagger about him. He might be growing on me…. NOT. But this song is okay! 

Rating: 3.75/5

Bruno Mars- Finesse (Remix) (Ft. Cardi B)

This song honestly deserves its own post but its 3 am so I will keep it short. Bruno Mars teams up with Cardi B to give us a full on 90’s flashback with ‘Finesse’ remix. On top of that, they delivered us a visual that just literally takes us back to the 90’s completely!!!! I was a bit surprised at the pairing of these two but in turned out to be a FANTASTIC idea. Why does Bruno have so much JUICE?! That shoulder sway in the beginning had me lit! LOL  

Rating: 5/5

Justin Timberlake – Filthy

He’s back……. 

You’ve got to love JT man. He tends to take breaks from music often but when he returns, he always brings a new sound and this refreshing energy that the industry needed. On this extremely futuristic track ‘Filthy’ , Justin reminds us why he is one of the GOATs when talking pop music. Also, this video is awesome! Welcome back JT! 


Rating: 5/5

Cozz – Questions

Dreamville’s artist are very underrated. Cole knows how to pick them. Cozz spits some hard emotional bars on ‘Questions.’ Just of this track alone I am looking forward to see what Cozz does next and to see if he has anything with J. Cole in the works. Where does Dreamville rank as label talent wise? Think before you speak too. 


Rating: 5/5

Kendrick Lamar – All The Stars (Ft. SZA)


T.D.E should win label of the year if such award was given out. I think its safe to say Kendrick and SZA problem had the biggest year in not just their respective genres but Music in general! These two label mates come together to bring us ‘All the Stars,’ a track from the upcoming movie, Black Panther. ( A must see movie in my opinion) Oh by the way,  TDE will be behind this movie’s soundtrack. Yeah they did THAT! As expected SZA blesses the track with her soul and Kung Fu Kenny delivers a dope verse about being able to succeed as an underdog. Excellent collab. 

Rating: 5/5


Thanks for reading guys!!! I’ll usually post these Music Alerts every Sunday night. So yes I am a day late. But I’m trying to be better with this posting on time!! 2018 is off to a very busy start for your boy. But anyways, let me know what you thought of this post. Always open to suggestions and  criticisms. Share the post with your friends and family! Until next time! 


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