MUSIC ALERT VOL. 2: 2018 Still Off To A Hot Start! New Music From Russ, Eminem, The Black Eyed Peas, Sir Michael Rocks, OneTakeDrew, Young MA, Jay Rock x Kendrick x Future and More Drop Some Serious HEAT!


Geez I suck at deadlines….There was so much music that released this week I could not get to all of it but, best believe anything I may have missed this week will be featured next week. As I mentioned previously, I want to get these Music Alerts out every Sunday or Monday. Since I suck at deadlines and I have been super busy as of late, just expect a post weekly till I get it together.  Here is Music Alert Vol. 2! It covers most of the new chunes released between 1-8-18 to 1-15-18. ESKETIT! 




Eminem – Chloraseptic (Ft. 2 Chainz & Phresher)


To end 2017, Eminem decided to bless us with a new album ‘Revival.’ It was….  alright.  Not really what I wanted to hear but oh well. But there was a track that stood out somewhat. Yes it was “Chloraseptic.” Eminem took a whole different approach on there and I can’t front, I enjoyed it!  So now we have a remix featuring 2 Chainz and he most certainly elevates this track!! 2 Chainz spazzed off the break and delivers us with HARD bars. I guess the fact he was collaborating with Em he knew he had to bring it. This song also features Phresher and yeah he did what he was supposed to do? Didn’t really care for him much. So following up Em wasted no time and out the gate and followed 2 Chainz and absolutely delivers a powerful verse. Em took aim at all his critics as he should! (Sorry Joe Budden, I think Em actually came for you.)  This remix was hard! I could live without this Precious… I mean Phresher cat, but overall dope track! 

Rating: 4.75/5 

The Black Eyed Peas – Street Livin’ 


Wow.  The Black Eyed Peas return with a powerful new track and a powerful visual. The  Black Eyed Peas have always been big on human rights and equality. It’s heard in their music. This time it felt a little different.  On ‘Street Livin’ they take on Black Lives Matter and how it MATTERS . They address how the system was created to bring people in the hood down. They literally said “Fuck The System.” I feel them though. Fans of the group that love hearing their more popish hits will be the ones that will be caught off guard the most. But hey, this song is real, has a purpose, and addresses a SERIOUS issue. 

Rating: 5/5

Kodak Black – Free Cool Pt. 2


Okay….. THIS BEAT IS HARD. Kodak is slurring his words in a melodic way that kinda sounds cool but this sh*t is TRASH. 

Rating: 2/5

Soulja Boy – Turn On The Stove


“SOLDIER! SOLDIER!” LOL I can not believe Soulja Boy is back. So lets jump right to it.  On ‘Turn On The Stove’ Soulja Boy displays improvement with his flow and lyricism. This beat suites his desire flow too!! With this new and improved Soulja, he sounds just like all these other artists on trap beats but its kind of nice to see him adapt and grow? LOL Wow never thought I’d get a chance to review a Soulja track again. I like this track though. Might have to keep an eye out on Big Homie Soulja W/ The Draco….. lol 

Rating: 4/5

Craig David – Live In The Moment (Ft. GoldLink)


MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. BANGER ALERT!!!!! ALERTY LERTY LERT! Craig David and GoldLink come together to deliver us a hell of a feel good track that i think will absolutely BLOW UP. The beat for this was produced by the one and only Kaytranada. (Huge Fan BTW) GoldLink was the perfect feature for this track as he delivers a smooth electric flow to this  track that complements Craig and this amazing beat. This is my early favorite for song of the year. This sh*t is a HIT!

Rating: 5/5

NBA Youngboy – Love is Poison


I don’t really listen to YoungBoy Never Broke Again but I do take notice to what he does and I believe he is about blow 2018. On “Love is Poison” YoungBoy delivers an emotional track about people (or a woman)  who show fake love  and do not want whats best for him. This is a dope track and YoungBoy is off to a fantastic start in 2018. I can not believe dude is a teenager still. I need to start checking for homie more often and adding his music to my daily rotation. 

Rating 4.75/5 

Carnage – Learn How to Watch (Ft. Mac Miller & MADEINTYO)


SUCH A DAMN TEASE. Why is this track so short….?  😦  

Carnage, MADEINTYO, and my guy Mac Miller come together to bring us a very dope track that has you wanting more from each artist. So Carnage delivers a eccentric and heavy instrumental that compliments a catchy MADEINTYO hook and a sick Mac Miller verse that makes crave for for more. This track is FIRE. I wonder if these 3 have more colabs together in the near future but this shall do for now…. If you play it 5 times in a row like i did. MAC MILLER GIVE ME NEW MUSIC!!! 

Rating: 5/5

OneTakeDrew – Quiet Storm



OneTakeDrew starts off 2018 on a HIGH NOTE. The Virginia MC takes on the classic Mobb Deep “Quiet Storm” beat like plenty of the Elite Mcs in today’s game have, most notably as of late Young MA, who murked this beat. OneTakeDrew has officially put this instrumental to rest….I do not want to hear anyone on this ever again. I stamp! The man delivered. OneTake gets off some real braggadocios bars  and lets us know that he is not  on his way. He has ARRIVED. If you are not familiar with OneTakeDrew, It’s in your best interest you do so NOW. Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for him! 


S/o ycimaging for the dope visual and the whole OneTakeMob! 

Rating: 5/5

21 Savage – Pause


It is safe to say that 21 Savage will not be going anywhere soon. He continues to get better at his craft per every release. On “Pause” 21 continues to talk that reckless sh*t we know him for doing. This song isn’t a banger but its not bad and I expect whatever comes after this release to be a step forward for “Mr. Savage.” *Joe Budden Voice* 


Wale – The Weekend (Remix)


Olubowale Victor Akintimehin…. Why do y’all always disrespect my guy? …. smh.  Anyways, Wale gets on the ‘Weekend’ remix and presents the world the Male perspective. He starts off with a dope little poem/spoken word as he does usually on tracks like this and he follows up with a verse where he keeps it absolutely a buck. This remix is money! Also, I saw Wale has been working with Cole on some new music…… THEY MAKE A GREAT TEAM so something must be on it’s way. 

Rating: 5/5

Russ – Flip


There is no need to ramble here… Russ right now is proving to be one of the toughest spitters of the new school artist and is pushing to be recognized as more than just that “New Kid On The Block.” I love the production on here and the content. I FEEL YOU on this Russ! 

Rating: 5/5

Jay Rock – King’s Dead (Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Future)


LMAO. Why the f*ck does Future sound like Mister Crabs at one point?! Other than that, this collab is GOLD. Jay Rock , Kung Fu Kenny and Future come together to bring us “King’s Dead.”  Jay Rock does his thing on here and reminds us that though Kendrick is the lead man at TDE, he is someone that should not be slept on. His flow and delivery was superb. This beat was very heavy hitting and full of energy so it makes sense for Future to be on here and I thought he did fit the track nicely outside of his awkward flow switch up and rapping “slob on my knob.” lol  Kendrick is on the hook but I can not believe they let him get the last verse….. The beat switches up a bit and  Kendrick put the beat to rest as he delivers a very angry and powerful verse that creates the perfect ending. 

Rating: 5/5

Young M.A. – I Get The Bag


Young MA returns with a freestyle to Gucci Mane’s ‘I Get The Bag’ and man I don’t even think I want to hear the original ever again…. I had a feeling MA was going to justice on this beat. The  beat was tailor-made for a spitter like MA and she definitely did not disappoint. She raps about her old self and her new self in a really unique way. I love MA’s flow and delivery. I’m pretty sure my guy Joe Budden said she was on the clock. 2018 MA must deliver us a project. 

Rating: 5/5

Sir Michael Rocks – Bull Market

Enter a caption

So before we get into this new Sir Michael track, let me go ahead and rap for a bit!! So y’all know I actually enjoy music. Like REALLY enjoy it. That is exactly the reason why I decided to make a blog the focuses mainly on music. Keeping up with the music and blogging about it is hard. On top of that sometimes I don’t reach the amount of people I expect to reach with some post and that alone blows me. Then I realize I am really doing this for me and If I am consistent and post good sh*t it will always catch peoples attention. So when an artist i really am a fan of favorites my tweet with one of my post you know that makes me feel some type of way…. So shout out Sir Michael Rocks man! Always been a huge fan man. Alright back to the music!!!!

Another week, another Sir Michael track! Sir Michael Rocks kicked off 2018 with the single “Bag Emoji,” and  he unveils another solo cut this week. On ‘Bull Market’  Sir Michael flexes as he raps about the finer things in life. On the production Sir Michael recruits Losers. Only to create a very smooth sound for Sir Michael to go off on. Two tracks in two weeks? Michael Rocks is up to something!!!

Rating: 5/5






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