Wifisfuneral – Ethernet, Vol. 1 (Album Review)


First off I would like to congratulate Wifisfuneral on making XXL’s 2018 Freshmen list! Wifi is definitely one of my favorite artist among the new age rappers. Wifi is different. With sheer tenacity and a mind bending flow and delivery to channel his raps, the Palm Beach, Florida rapper, is becoming quit the star with a consistent growth in his following. The first project I heard from Wifisfuneral was his 2017 mixtape, ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’, which I was pretty impressed with! It was one of my most played projects of 2017 and was TOP 50 worthy in my opinion. (So salty I never got to put my Top 50 List for 2017 out). Anyways, with a debut album still pending, Wifi returns with a fourth mixtape ‘Ethernet Vol.1.’

Tracklist and Ratings

  1. 25 LIGHTERS (4.75/5)
  2. LMVU (4/5)
  3. GENESIS (4.2/5)
  4. EVERY F*****G PILL IN THE WORLD (4.5/5)
  6. DON’T TOUCH ME (2/5)
  7. 100 WAYS (5/5)
  8. KNOTS (4.5/5)
  9. BEEN 2 HELL & BACK (4/5)
  11. CONNECTION (4/5)
  12. JUVENILES (5/5)

Favorite Tracks: 25 Lighters, Every F*cking Pill In The World, , Knots, 100 Ways and Juveniles

Wifisfuneral is quite the artist. On Ethernet he shows that he is ready to take that step forward as a real contributor to hip hop. I loved his last project and I’m going to have to be honest here. I did not love Ethernet at first but it definitely grew on me and gets better per listen. It really is an excellent effort to follow up on his 2017’s ’’Boy Who Cried Wolf’. On this project you feel Wifi wanting to connect more with his audience which is pretty damn important to us, the music consumers. His raps are comical as he describes his day-to-day interactions and pastimes. He lets us scroll through images conjured about the highs and lows of his drug usage and “the thrill” of rap stardom. ‘Ethernet’ features a lot of Wifi’s peers/fellow up and comers such as Lil Skies, YBN Nahmir, Jay Critch, Uno The Activist, and KEY. The album kicks off with
“25 Lighters.” Wifi spits a paradox about how he “woke up dead” crashing from over consumption over a super sleek trap beat. Wifi flows effortlessly on here! On “IMVU, Wifi is paranoid, angry and confrontational. You hear it in his delivery. His delivery is easily one of the Palm Beach rappers strengths.

A song I really enjoyed was 100 Ways. It was way too short for my liking. Wifi needs to collab with Tory Lanez for the remix. (Just Saying) Speaking of collaborations, Wifi teamed up with the NY up and comer Jay Critch on “Knots.” This track showed me that Wifi and Jay Critch are not fluke artists and would like y’all to put some respect on their names! With their braggadocios raps on here this track is this albums commercial hit outside of another track on here that I will get to later. It has a feel-good vibe to it, while Wifi was able to deliver this dynamic hook that is super infectious on it. Jay Critch delivered on his verse as expected. He’s quite the talent himself.

He trades bars with the Lil Skies rapper, as they try to execute the beat on “Lil Skies Funeral.” They showed amazing chemistry on here and they should consider working on a collab project. That could be something special. On here Lil Skies and Wifisfuneral trade verses, each trying to out-do the other with explosive bars and relentless flows. I’ve covered a few highlight tracks on this project but nothing stands out more than the adventurous collaboration of Wifisfuneral and YBN Nahmir…. my goodness. “Juveniles” puts a spin on Juvenile’s Cash Money hit, “Back That Ass Up,” a song that was probably released when these two young artists were newborns. The duo gets Jahlil Beats flip and cook up this old school instrumental that mimics Juvenile’s biggest hit. I need to hear this song at least once at every function and pregame I attend from now till Cuffin’ Season. (I’ll probably still bump this and be a free agent still lol )

Anyways there are few things I didn’t like on this project. It wasn’t much so let me address them real quick. First off, “Don’t Touch Me” ft KEY is flat out a bad song. I don’t know what it is but I just do not like it at all. I skip it every time! I would like to see Wifi collab with bigger artist on his next project. He can hold his own and I would love to hear him with Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi and Tee Grizzly. At times some songs sound too much alike and its just one big ass song. I personally don’t mind because I love Wifi’s sound on just about everything he has released to date.

Overall, Wifisfuneral does it yet again with delivering a solid project showing he belongs in the industry! ‘Ethernet’ is easily his most cohesive and focused project to date. It’ll be interesting to see what succeeds this project in the future. He’s a strong , a rising star who can create a full body of work. Those of you who are unfamiliar, get to know the name Wifisfuneral because he is here to stay.

Rating: 8.7/10

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