KIDS SEE GHOST (Kanye x Kid Cudi) – KIDS SEE GHOST (Album Review)

Kids see ghost

After looking back at ‘Ye’, continuing to play Ye, and reading over my review of ‘Ye’ I still enjoy the project. Yes I know its been a month but I still love the project. There is a lot to be said about ‘Ye’ but a takeaway that I had was that this Kanye x Cudi collab shall be special. My expectations for ‘KID SEE GHOST’ was set extremely high. These are two of my favorite artist so believe the excitement was present when i first hit play! Cudi and Kanye did have a falling out a little while back. This all occurred whiles the two artists were going through some very tough times in their personal lives. NOW HERE WE ARE! All is well as the two have finally gave us fans the collaboration project we have been waiting for years for! Kid Cudi and Kanye West are KIDS SEE GHOST and here is their debut as a a single entity.

Tracklist and Ratings

1. FEEL THE LOVE (4.3/5)

2. FIRE (4/5)

3. 4TH DIMENSION (5/5)

4. FREEEEE (GHOST TOWN Pt. 2) (5/5)

5. REBORN (5/5)

6. KIDS SEE GHOSTS (4.2/5)


Favorite Tracks: 4th Dimension, Free, Reborn and Kids See Ghost

On Kids See Ghost, both Kid Cudi and Kanye West lean on their well-established chemistry to play to each other’s strengths and to support each others weaknesses. The two convene as a super duo to give us a 23 minute collaboration that was long over due. This late addition to each artists discography was an absolute SOLID EFFORT. I say this because there is a whole lot of good on this project. It didn’t blow me away as I hoped a Kanye and Kid Cudi collab would but it showed me where each artists is at currently and that this could be the rebirth of each artists true and best self. Kanye seemed to have showed up on Kids See Ghost. There was quite a noticeable vigor, lyrical presence, and effectiveness on here. ONCE AGAIN it was not a vintage Kanye performance but he is headed back in the right direction in my opinion. Kid Cudi who I believed was “In Form” remains  “In Form” as he does an excellent job playing Robin to Kanye as Batman. Or is it the other way around?

On the intro track, ‘Feel The Love’ we hear some ridiculous ad-libing by Kanye.“Ga-ga-gat, ga-gat, ga-gat, ga-gat-gat, grrrat” is what we hear to kick off what is supposed to be an Iconic all around GREAT album. Well I this intro wasn’t great but it most certainly shall be remembered. Other than that the energy felt on the song is what made it enjoyable, along with  Pusha-T ‘s solo rap verse with Kid Cudi’s resounding, vibrant and melodious chorus. “I can still feel the love” continues to echo even after the song is done with.

Kanye shows off some nice wordplay on “4th Dimension.” They were not vintage Kanye bars but somewhere in between mediocre and memorable. “4th Dimension” samples  Louis Prima’s “What Will Santa Claus Say.” It was indeed a very unique sample choice. S/o to my boy Drew because we were very geeked at this sample. Cudi also delivers a dope verse to maintain the energy set by Ye’s verse and the production. This song is such a bop! Playing this all summer long.

A rock experimentation track, ‘Freeee’, was the track we didn’t know we needed in my opinion!  This is a song that features Ty Dolla $ign and man these three talented artist created a real gem here. Everyone’s vocals blended in so well here. Kanye has had chemistry with a few artists, and lately, Ty Dolla $ign has been his new favorite. Ty$ vocals really shined on here. This rock production was not bad. I would not mind a short EP featuring these three. It would be absolute FLAMES!

‘Freeee’ leads into ‘Reborn’ a song that that gives off that cheers to a new beginning feeling. The focus on here obviously is on how Cudi and Ye have overcome their personal issues and moved on for the better. This is definitely a real feel good track. The Cudi Hums on here are probably his best ever. All around amazing track. That really made sense being next in sequence after ‘Freee’.

The album titled track ‘Kids See Ghost’, had an unlikely feature from Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def.  Yasiin Bey’s repeated chants of “Kids see ghosts sometimes, kids see ghosts sometimes, kids see ghost” coupled with the beat gives it a real peaceful mantra. The overall feel and energy of this song was dark but spiritual and like ‘Reborn’ Kanye expresses himself with confidence as he raps on here. Kids See Ghost debut album ‘Kids See Ghost’ is was the life changing collab we all wanted but it didn’t change lives. It ultimately is an excellent effort that will definitely have long term replay value. My belief is this is just the first of a few more Kanye and Cudi collabs to come our way. 

RATING: 9.2/10

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