Jorja Smith – Lost & Found (Album Review)


Jorja Smith has ARRIVED. After a long three years Jorja Smith finally steps into spotlight all whiles taking her first steps into Super Stardom.  It’s crazy that in a matter of a year or so Jorja went from the gorgeous Starbucks barista to singing the hook on “Get It Together”, one of my favorite songs and a stand out track on  Drake’s ‘More Life’ album (playlists) in 2017. This was just the beginning though for a big year for Miss Smith. This led her to appearances on the soundtracks to “Black Panther” and Issa Rae’s hit TV show “Insecure.” She also could be found on some major singles with Stormzy and Kali Uchis where she displayed her versatility. With her debut album, “Lost & Found,” the 20-year-old singer attempts to prove she can carry a complete project of her own!

Tracklist & Ratings

  1. LOST & FOUND (5/5)
  2. TEENAGE FANTASY (4.5/5)
  3. WHERE DID I GO (4.5/5)
  4. FEBRUARY 3RD (4.75/5)
  5. ON YOUR OWN (4.4/5)
  6. THE ONE (5/5)
  8. BLUE LIGHTS (5/5)
  10. GOODBYES (4.5/5)
  11. TOMORROW (4.5/5)
  12. DON’T WATCH ME CRY (4.75/5)

Favorite Tracks: Lost & Found, Wandering Romance, Lifeboats (Freestyle), and The One

 I obviously take my time when I review albums. Sometimes I know right away how I feel about a project. Most times I like a project and then revisit it several times in a period of two weeks sometimes to a month and I still enjoy a project. Sometimes I discover issues and I feel a different way. In my opinion it’s the best way to take in the music and give an accurate read if something is “Hot” or “Not.” I took my time with this one.

Jorja Smith justified the hype surrounding her with her debut album “Lost & Found.” “Lost & Found” finds the 20-year-old singer delivering 12 tracks circling around heartbreak.  This debut is a follow up to Jorja’s 2016 EP ‘Project 1’. You can see the growth from that project to ‘Lost & Found’. A few songs that stood out to me were “Lost &Found,” “Life Boats,” “The One” and my favorite track, “Wandering Romance.” “Life Boats Freestyle” was super dope. Jorja on here reminded me so much of Lauryn Hill. The way she sang and melodically rapped on a very backpack rap/soulful beat. I’m not too sure this was really a freestyle but none the less. This track was amazing. “The One” was another dope song that showcased some of Jorja’s best singing. You could literally feel her emotion from every lyric and note that was sung. The album titled track “Lost & Found” was an excellent choice as the opening track for this project. This song is extremely soulful and carries some feel-good vibes. Man do I love Jorja’s accent on here……sheesh. Wandering Romance was my favorite track on here. From the production, to Jorja’s singing and the overall feels generated from Jorja’s deep soul quenching words, this song is the best song on the album. I definitely am in a mood as I say this so maybe I am wrong but In my opinion this is the best song on this project.

There was a lot of good on the album. This project was carefully constructed and full of many different sounds. There were no features on this album and I feel that this was an excellent move by Jorja. This was a confident move that pays off as her songwriting decisions prove a clear command of her range. It looks as is the plan for ‘Lost & Found’ as a project full of love songs and heart break. Instead my view on this project was that it was a plethora of complex songs with concepts surrounding desires, emotional clarity and directness in love and self. Also I do have to mention the strongest moments of the album had to be the carefree and bouncy rapping of “Lifeboats” and the heartbreaking “Blue Lights”, a tale of cycles of racial profiling that places her powerful voice front and center.

That being said, I do not have any real issues on this project. Jorja Smith is really making a name for herself.  Throughout these 12 songs, Jorja shows a mastery of many different styles and ability to capitalize on her musical experiments. I obviously liked some tracks more than others but as a collective this debut album by the lovely Jorja Smith was amazing to say the least. 


Rating: 9.8/10


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