Aminé “OnePointFive” (Review & Stream)

Aminé basically has been MIA all 2018. He tweeted out last Monday about having “albums ready” so obviously he’s been keeping things low-key but working round the clock. The album cover for this says it all. On the following day, he announced his new “LPEPMixtapeAlbum” project called ‘OnePointFive.’The follow up to last year’s debut album ‘GoodForYou ‘contains 13 tracks in total and features guest appearances from G Herbo, Rico Nasty and Gunna. On production we have contributors from the likes of Pasque, Charlie Brown, Tee Watt, Amine himself, LDBG Beats & more.

Tracklist and Song Ratings 

1. DR. WHOEVER (4.5/5)
2. HICCUP (feat. Gunna) (4.5/5)
3. REEL IT IN (4.2/5)
4. BLACKJACK (4.2/5)
5. WHY? (5/5)
6. SHINE (4/5)
7. CHINGY (4.5/5)
8. DAPPERDAN (feat. G Herbo) (4.5/5)
9. CANTU (5/5)
10. SUGARPARENTS (feat. Rico Nasty) (4/5)
11 STFU2 ( 3.8/5)
13. TOGETHER (5/5)



‘ONEPOINTFIVE’ is not Aminé’s sophomore album, as the title suggest. With this new release though Aminé delivers some fire content to make up for his quiet 2018 and to prepare us for whats ahead!  I mentioned ONEPOINTFIVE ‘s album cover and how it appears Aminé is tired. On the cover he has this dead-eyed gaze and shows that he is absolutly exhausted. Maybe it’s to show the fame has taken it’s toll on him? Or maybe, he’s just being f*cking weird. I say it shows the fame catching up with him as he presents this mind state on the intro track, “Dr. WHOEVER.  Aminé raps, “I sit here and tell you my problems, that’s how this work, right?/I’m s’posed to be open and honest, but I got time, right?/My niggas having seshes and I’m doin’ sessions/Can’t man up if masculinity your only weapon/Man, I’ve thought about suicide a hundred times/But I’d hate to disappoint and see my mama cry.”  Its all in the lyrics. The next three tracks  actually had a complete different feel and sound from the first track. 

“HICCUP” gives us a feature from an artist who is absolutely hot now in Gunna. I really enjoyed this unlikely collab from these two. “BLACKJACK” is a heavy hitting track that was really enjoyable and seems to be a big favorite by many listeners. After getting an intro track with Amine opening up about fame and his current state of living we got three tracks that had a completely different tone. On the gloomy baseline track “Why” produced by Pasqué and Tee-WaTT, Aminé gets real again as he raps, “Had to relax and never relapse/Shout out to Reese, the sex was like crack/I need love, I’m depressed/I’m a fool, I’m a mess.” Lines like these had myself and probably other listeners hitting pause wondering “what was just said?” Aminé’s ability to turn “simple ass sh*t” into something deep and thought-provoking was an on going affair on this project. After this point, all the tracks pretty much remain enjoyable but the mood definitely changes. There was a lot of anthemic, flex happy and just all in all catchy sing along tunes. Aminé also remembers to have fun on “DAPPERDAN” that features colorful name-drops such as, “B*tch, ya boy a Borat and a Boris mixed with Maury (true!)/I’m out here with Topanga like I’m white and my name Cory (woo!).”  After all the fun and heavy head bopping tunes, this “LPEPMixtapeAlbum” closes with “TOGETHER” which could be seen as the sequael track to his song “Wedding Crashers” off his debut album. On here he talks about about having a bigger role than just  being an attendee at his long lost loves wedding but being apart of it.  

So this “LPEPMixtapeAlbum” is really a mixtape in my eyes! It doesn’t feel like a studio album what so ever. Even though there were some lyrics that gave vibes that Aminé struggles with fame and other things in life, I believe Aminé is enjoying his hip-hop star status and is making lighthearted rap music to soundtrack the unusual moments that tend to occur in life. He doesn’t need therapy. Putting it all into the music is his therapy. ONEPOINTFIVE isn’t as fluid or exciting as his debut album ‘Good For You’ but I kind of enjoyed the roughness of this project. I also just LOVE hearing Aminé rap a little more than singing. If these are throw away tracks they sound amazing and this indicates that his actual sophomore album should be a good one. ONEPOINTFIVE is more than a project that  will keep  Aminé’s fans eager for his upcoming sophomore album. It’s a worthy body of work that belongs in his catalog as he continues to be himself and that’s what we love him for! 

Rating: 8.7/10

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