H.E.R. – I Used To Know Her: The Prelude (EP Review)


H.E.R is back!!!! The mysterious and talented H.E.R official debut album doesn’t have an official release date yet but she hints that it’ll be coming real soon. For the time being, she is on Chris Brown’s Heartbreak On A Full Moon Tour preforming the gems from her two previous self titled EP’s, “H.E.R. Volume 1” and “H.E.R. Volume 2 – The B Sides.” With H.E.R busy on tour she still was able to grace us with some new music! “I Used To Know Her: The Prelude” is a six track EP that features Bryson Tiller and DJ Scratch! Shall we dive in?

Tracklist and Song Ratings

  1. Lost Souls (feat. DJ Scratch) (5/5)
  2. Against Me (3.9/5)
  3. Be On My (Interlude) (4.5/5)
  4. Could’ve Been (feat. Bryson Tiller) (4.6/5)
  5. Feel a Way (4.2/5)
  6. As I Am (5/5)



H.E.R definitely did “H.E.R” thing on this EP! An artist heavily loaded in mystery gifted with mesmerizing vocals delivers a complete EP to build the anticipation of her forthcoming but also holding her fans over with some great music in the meantime. H.E.R channels her inner Lauren Hill on the 90’s era inspired track “Lost Souls.” H.E.R  addresses materialism, body positivity and toxic masculinity. All topics in which the great Lauryn Hill would cover. In her first verse, H.E.R raps:  

“Confusing self-conscious with self-confidence // So you monogamous be body positive // Those pills you swallowing, for a following // What he got to offer? // He don’t see the kids that he fathering.”

It doesn’t get any more real than that! I had no clue she  had this sound in her arsenal. After the opening track she returns to her familiar sound for the rest of the EP. On “Could’ve Been,” she teams up with Mr. Trap Soul, Bryson Tiller, to create a smooth yet soulful track about heartbreak. On it, H.E.R. and Bryson Tiller go back and forth about the potential  of a  relationship that ended with a lot of wonders.  These two sound great together and I would not mind hearing them again in the future. On the final track, “As I Am,” we get a feel good track with amazing instrumentals to coexist  with  some lovely vocals.

H.E.R presents us with a dope EP as we wait for her next full length project. She is an extremely dope artist who is becoming quite the star. Seems like just yesterday she was an up and coming artist that not everyone knew of. I discovered H.E.R  last year through the Joe Budden podcast and never looked back. Now H.E.R is on tour with Chris Brown and getting Bryson Tiller features. I like seeing growth from artist and this EP shows it.


Rating: 9/10




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