Justine, Justine…

Over the past few years we’ve seen an upward trend of new R&B female artists with many who have started to make their mark and solidify a solid fan base. Justine Skye was one of them but did not stick around. She released a few EPs that drew the comparison of her to Rihanna from many critics. After two EPs she kind of just fell off and became more known as Kylie Jenner’s BFF rather than an emerging R&B artist. It wasn’t till her third EP, ‘8 Ounces’ that it felt she was starting to find her way again and as promise a little more than a year later the R&B singer finally released her debut album ‘ULTRAVIOLET’.

Lets keep things short and sweet. Justine Skye is raw, unapologetic and most importantly, Skye is very talented. ‘ULTRAVIOLET’ is a fierce and explosive 10 track project that showcases her talents as she creates many enjoyable tracks that all could be possible radio hits. Lyrically I thought a lot of songs were so-so and did not stand out much. In a way this album sounds like rough version of Kehlani’s ‘Sweet Sexy Savage’ album. This wasn’t a bad effort by Ms. Skye but she should refocus and try to make that step to the next level that many believed she was once capable of!

Rating: 7.5/10

Stream on Spotify:


Favorite Tracks: Goodlove & U Don’t Know

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