SiR – November (Album Review)


TDE’s roster continues to grow! Top Dawg Entertainment is not a label just for rappers. They’ve come to embrace all kinds of artists. TDE’s roster consists of the top MC right now that is Kendrick Lamar. TDE also is the home of super talents such as Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q, Isiah Rishad, SZA and Ab-Soul. SZA who falls in the realm of R&B, with the addition of Inglewood’s finest, SiR, they’re diving deeper into R&B. SiR has brought his smooth and sultry brand of the genre into the mix with the execution of his debut album, ‘November’.

‘November’ is full of emotional confusion on majority of the 11 tracks. A project full of amazing vocals supported by laid-back rhythms, ‘November’ is a roller coaster of heartfelt confessions and romantic musings of someone who’s experienced a deep heartbreak but at the same time, an intoxicating love. SiR pines for his mystery woman’s affection on “War.” On the previous track he dismisses her clingy ways on “Never Home” and then on “Better” he wants her back. These tracks play in the order of “Never Home,” “War,” and “Better.” I personally thought this was the perfect organization to display what it’s like being in an intense relationship of the one SiR presents to us. I know I’ve been there before.

I was a fan of ScHoolboy Q’s contributions to lead single “Something Foreign” even though it was track that seemed misplaced a bit but still fit in with the albums concept I suppose. Tracks such as “D’Evils,” “Something New,” featuring British vocalist Etta Bond, and “Dreaming Of Me,” I enjoyed on pure strength of the near-flawless production work. Since we’re talking production now, “Dreaming Of Me,” produced by H-Money, cleverly samples Dr. Dre’s 1999 hit “Xplosive” in a new surprisingly pleasant manner. The album closes with “Summer In November” which I think was the perfect way to conclude and wrap up the album’s concept.

November has many producers but is able to remain sonically cohesive. To couple the amazing production job with SiR’s undeniable talent this makes for an amazing debut that will be in consideration for one of this year’s best releases. (Ain’t that right Shawn?!)

Rating: 9.75/10

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Favorite Tracks: D’Evils, Never Home, War, Better, That’s Alright and Dreaming of Me

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