Wale – Free Lunch (EP Review)


Wale has been on a absolute roll in 2018! Wale’s productive 2018 continues with his latest EP release, ‘Free Lunch’. Back in May, Wale inked a new deal with Warner Bros. Records. Since then, the anticipation has been high for a new Wale full length project. Wale has been able to flex  his versatility this year by way of ‘It’s Complicated’ and ‘Self Promotion’. Both projects received plenty of praise. Can Wale go 3 for 3?? Lets find out!

Wale is 3 for 3 in 2018 and on ‘Free Lunch’, he shows that he is really in album mode and he is determined to put an end to all the disrespect and noise that constantly is attached to his name. Wale is underrated and underappreciated.  Wale shows us what makes him special on every one of these tracks. The project opens up with “Dummies.” On here we hear Wale addressing a plethora of topics from industry politics to street ethics. He talks his new deal with Warner Bros as well.  He also delivers a little PSA to the naysayers and haters as raps, “I’m ’bout to embarrass niggas, I feel that have carried me/This industry very cold but it look to you very sweet/Put niggas on big stages put niggas in little beefs/You put too much faith in it, it puts you in therapy.” It’s safe to say Wale’s fire has returned! “Ungrateful and Thankful” was a track I really enjoyed. The production was so dope and Wale and his unique flow levitates on it oh so well. I felt this track so much that I think I would have to do a whole separate post to explain why. “Wale the Poet” illustrates the wide range of emotions that come with being in love on “3 Days 3 Hours.” These type of tracks always seem to be the standout tracks when Wale drops a project. This track is supported by a relaxing instrumental that makes you feel the emotions Wale expresses in his 4 minute vent.  As we arrive to the fourth track on ‘Free Lunch’, we get one of Hip Hop’s most underrated duos in Wale and J. Cole going absolutely the f**k off on “My Boy.” This was probably the most exciting moment on this EP. The production included a really eccentric percussion-heavy beat that complimented both rappers braggadocios bar session. On the final track, “Right Here,” we have Wale teaming up with a frequent collaborator in Eric Bellinger. This wasn’t my favorite track but still has replay value!

Wale show’s off his versatility on “Free Lunch.” He is most defiantly in album mode and is ready to take things up a notch. He’s an underrated and underappreciated artist who in reality has been elite for years. Wale now going 3 for 3 on projects this year tells me he’s really in his bag and its wonderful to see how focused he is. The critics and naysayers have even taken notice. “Free Lunch” is satisfying but, Wale the game is still starving. Please deliver what I am expecting to be a great album soon!

Rating: 9.2/10


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Favorite Tracks: “Ungrateful & Thankful” and “My Boy”

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