Lebanon Donn- Party Pack (EP Review)


Around this time last year, Lebanon Donn released his first project titled ‘Journey To Forever’.  His 12 track debut was something special! With stand out tracks such as “Sunday Morning,” “Off The Muscle,” “Dundee,” “Waves” and “Old News,” Lebanon created a classic as he showcased his versatility as an artist. 

“Party Pack” is a three track EP running just under 10 minutes. It’s really a quick listen so I’ll be brief.  The EP kicks off with the TONE-SETTER of the EP in “Bullshit.” I’ve always thought Lebanon Donn had a great ear for production. This comes into play here as he skates on this high energy track letting everyone know he’s back on his BS and its all business here on out! The next track “Break The Bank Freestyle,” was personally my favorite song on this EP. One thing that allows Lebanon Donn to standout is his sound and delivery. The fact that this was  an actual freestyle is just nuts. The EP closes out with “Dope” featuring Say Solos a long time friend and collaborator who also is extremely talented. (Check him out) All three tracks cared the same energy but all presented different sounds and showed the many different flows Lebanon Donn can tap into. This past Sunday Lebanon announced a new project on the way and shared a snippet via Instagram. 


Party Pack is the perfect sampler to hold us over for Lebanon’s next album. I have a feeling that there will be no Sophomore Slump for the Donn and this next project will be his best one. If you were not familiar with Lebanon Donn before this review, do yourself a favor and get familiar! His music is available on ALL streaming platforms. 


Rating: 10/10


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