Social Club Misfits – MOOD (EP Review)

Social Misfits Club - MOOD (EP Review)

Social Club Misfits……

This Miami based Hip Hop duo is an act that I was introduced to via Instagram. Yes, I said Instagram. Marty Santiago and Fernando Miranda, also known as Marty Mar and Fern, have released their latest EP MOOD. Before they dropped this EP they released two singles “Everytime,” produced by Young Sidechain, and “Que Lo Que,” a summertime party anthem that flows over a Latin-fused rhythm. Their last release, The Misadventures of Fern and Marty (2017) peaked on the Billboard Rap Charts at #4 and received rave reviews from Rap Revolt, Hip Hop DX, and Rapzilla. After some research I was intrigued to see what the “MOOD” is with this 5-track, 15 minute EP.

Tracklist & Ratings 

  1. Everytime (5/5)
  2. Que lo Que (5/5)
  3. Up (3.8/5)
  4.  Chinatown Freestyle (3.7/5)
  5. So Our God Came To Us (4.2/5)

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This EP did its job. What was the MOOD EP’s job? Well I’m a new listener of this talented duo and they definitely have caught my attention. This five-track release offers a diverse sample of sounds that showcases both Marty and Fern’s talents. On a track such as “So Our God Came To US,” the duo delivers a BAR-full reminder about needing God and God coming down to rescue us in times of need. On the EP opener, “Everytime,” we have a high energy track with a strong message of not giving up and remaining positive. Currently this a track I play every morning to get my day started. It’s definitely my favorite track but coming in second had to be the “Que lo Que,” the Latin infused track I mentioned earlier. On tracks like “Up” and “Chinatown Freestyle” the duo just flat out showcases their rapping ability. This EP clocks in at 15 minutes. It’s a quick listen. The “MOOD” EP is an EP of Marty and Fern doing what Marty and Fern do as they represent those who feel insecure about themselves and point them to the Savior. This wasn’t supposed to be their best work but it’s that nice filler EP that can only boost their discography as it serves as a sampler project for those who may not be familiar with them. I’m looking forward to hear more from SCM!

Rating: 8.8/10

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