LUCKI – Almost There (Mixtape Review)


So in all honestly i had no clue who LUCKI was. I did my research of course once I noticed the buzz he had and decided to give his project a spin.  The Chicago native is an act that seems to know his lane and stays within it. He’s an act that doesn’t often work with other rappers, or with producers outside his immediate circle. In a quick assessment of LUCKI i determined that he definitely does not lack content which is good  as he often times raps about some of his own failures and heartbreaks and addictions over “dazed, druggy minimal beats.”

Anyways! Last year LUCKI released two albums, ‘Days B4 II’ and the maybe-transcendent ‘Freewave 3’. To follow up he returns with ‘Almost There.’ I gave this project to solid spins all the way through.  After checking his two albums from last year, ‘Almost There was a lot more  upbeat than those last two albums, but that definitely no where near the upbeat rap we hear from many others still means that it’s a whole lot less upbeat than practically all other rap music.  On the album we can find LUCKI rapping in sorts as if he’s speaking from his conscious. Each song sounds like a two-minutes freestyle about heartbreak, substance abuse, and overall, life through his POV. I definitely enjoyed the production more rather than the project as i don’t have much to say here. This project isn’t bad but it’s definitely not something I’ll find myself coming back to. LUCKI definitely has potential and I see his fan base continuing to grew and those same fans are probably really enjoying ‘Almost There’.

Rating: 5.75/10



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