New Music Alert: 6ix9ine – TROLLZ ft. Nicki Minaj


Man look I vowed to always keep it 2 Virgil’s when I started blogging and doing reviews (aka keep it a 100/be entirely honest for those non cultured readers). This man 6ix9ine is defying odds right now like him or not.  Tekashi openly and willingly snitched on his whole crew and is hated by many for it. Some even want him dead but with all that is somewhat even bigger than he was before he went to jail and started snitching it feels like.  Many believed including myself that no one would work with a “snitch.” In our culture we know what some results of snitching could be but it’s almost as if snitching has given 6ix9ine new life. On “TROLLZ,” 6ix9ine teams up with Nicki Minaj to deliver quite the surprise…. TROLLZ is the combination of smooth and silky production, Tekashi’s rowdy-ness and Nicki Minaj’s usual concoction of her Barbie rappity raps.  Me personally, I don’t think this song is half bad. I had it come on during my Friday morning workout and instantly replayed it after the song ended…. whoops?


RATING (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)


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