New Music Alert: Lil Baby – A Bigger Picture


Lil Baby gets real political on “A Bigger Picture” and i couldn’t be more proud! Like the rest of Black America, he has had ENOUGH. It’s awesome to see one of the hottest acts in the game today and leader of the new generation take a stand and use his platform. “The Bigger Picture” has Lil Baby unapologetic-ally rapping about police brutality, his experience in jail, and the importance of staying united during these tough times. He raps with this sense of urgency which motivating to the listener to continue this fight against police brutality, racism and systematic oppression. I’m proud of Lil Baby. I’m proud of Black America. I’m proud to be BLACK.

P.S: It’s time to have a real discussion about Lil Baby’s talent and where he ranks among his peers currently. He’s owning 2020!



RATING (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)


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