New Music Alert: 88GLAM – Dance for Me

88GLAM - Dance for Me

The dynamic duo that is 88GLAM has returned with their new single, “Dance For Me.” Outside of myself and my guy DZ, there were quite a few folks who were wondering about the future of 88GLAM. There was some speculation that they broke up and the album they were slated to drop ‘Close To Heaven Far From God’, got shelved by XO. Last night 88GLAM announced a new mixtape titled ‘MANIA’ is on its way and with announcement, Derek Wise and 88CAMINO dropped off the first single “Dance For Me.”  This track is hard! Something i also noticed on Spotify was that this track was an independent release and not through XO. I heard they parted ways from XO but I’m not completely sure if those rumors were true. Anyways, take a listen to “Dance For Me” below! 


RATING (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

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