New Music Alert: Cruel Santino – End Of The Wicked (Ft. Octavian)

Cruel Santino - End Of The Wicked (Ft. Octavian)

Santi, now going by Cruel Santino, links with West London’s finest Octavian on his new single “End Of The Wicked.”  A simple masterpiece is created by these two. The production featured elegant piano keys with skittering  808s all played a factor in this tracks atmospheric sound and vibe. As I’m typing this I’m already on my 4th listen…. So! “End Of The Wicked” is set to drop Cruel Santino’s upcoming album. I’m beyond excited. Also shoutout to Santino on inking a major label deal with Interscope/Monster Boy. Putting on for Nigeria HEAVY! Oh lastly shoutout to the homie @GhanaBossman on twitter for putting me on to Santi last year! Had no idea he’d be one of my favorite acts today. Check out “End Of The Wicked” below!


RATING (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)


  1. Yo man, I have just recently came across your work and personally I have not seen a better example for myself to take inspiration from, I rate what you do massively.

    I am in the same process as what you described, blogging and forming into a fully functioning website. I have just started recently so I wouldn’t say my work is ready to view yet but your content has provided me more direction. My passions being football (and many other sports), multiple genres within music, travelling – geography, day to day challenges and so on.

    I have never been taught to write in any particular format when it comes to reviews, reports and more other than skills I have learnt going through education in presenting coursework/essays. I am starting a football media/journalistic course in September at uni which I am sure will provide me with multiple skills to adapt to many topics. Like you mentioned yourself, I struggle to trust my writing completely but growing day by day to do what I love and I take huge inspiration from what you have produced. Thoroughly well done in your own style. Upmost respect, really great stuff man! Look forward to reading more as well as listening to podcasts and so on.
    @jakeemeryy.2 discovered your page on Instagram last night – thank you for the follow back too!
    Bless up, Jake Emery.

    1. WOW bruv I’m speechless 🙏🏿 glad I can inspire you during your process. I was in your exact same position at one point and there’s so many different ways to approach it. Gotta go with what works for you. Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m more than willing to help you if you need any as you try and get things rolling! I’ll give you a follow back and we can continue talking there! Bless 🙏🏿🤞🏿

      1. Yes respect man bro. That’s what I’m feeling there’s many ways to go about it, just finding what fits in best definitely.
        No problem at all man I will fire over my thoughts and opinions more often as well within your work. I feel the interaction key to portray different perspectives and so on but yeah I will link you over messenger on there or something. Thank you very much for offering up your help as well man I appreciate that immensely, will chat on there🙏🏼

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