New Music Alert: Kanye West – Wash Us In The Blood (Ft. Travis Scott)


Wow. Looks like Yeezus has returned to take on 2020’s horrors! This is a release I wasn’t expecting but what really caught me by surprise, is this man announced this release and then kept the date. Like what? LOL Kanye is fresh off his huge announcement of his partnership with Gap and it seems there’s so much in store for fans.

“Wash Us In The Blood,” Kanye goes back to his “YEEZUS” sound and calls open Dr. Dre for some production assistance and teams up with Travis Scott. Kanye ventures away from that style of production and laces the track with something that could fit on his ‘The Life Of Pablo’ or most reminiscent of his ‘YEEZUS’ album.  Honestly, this song wasn’t half bad! I always liked this sound by Ye and I liked Travis’s contributions. The production wasn’t the songs best attribute but that’s a good thing since many folks of late said all of Kanye’s music is “garbage” but the “production was nice.” I’ll say the visual for this song were interesting. I have much more to say but then I’d have to give y’all 500+ words annotating it. Check out “Wash Us In The Blood” below!


RATING (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

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