Paul Hernandez – Deeper Things (EP Review)


What’s going on world! I haven’t been doing many project reviews lately but I’m happy to announce album and EP reviews are back and you can expect to see them more often and hopefully after I dish out these reviews I’ve hoarded, you’ll get reviews in a more timely manner. So today I’m taking a look at a newer act that some of you may not be familiar with but let me tell you y’all are in for a —- . Let’s dive in. You ready?

Vancouver’s very own, Paul Hernandez (Pablo) is  a rapper/pop artist who on his debut EP “DEEPER THINGS” showcases some serious promise and versatility all whiles he delivers several positive messages for listeners. From my many listens within the first 72 hours of its release, it was clear that his artistry is driven by his love for God and the people he has in his life. His battles/obstacles he’s faced and overcome have shown his resilience and determination. You can hear it in his music. 

Tracklist & Song Ratings

  1. Deeper Things (5/5)
  2. Manana (4.5/5)
  3. Little Bit (4.5)
  4. Runaway(5/5)
  5. Til You Found Me (4.5)

The EP’s tone is set right away with “Deeper Things.” I don’t  think he could have chose a better track to welcome his listeners.  Right away I noticed Paul’s versatility through his rapping ability and delivery all whiles holding it down with a very catchy, easy to sing along to hook. In an era where a lot of our favorite acts can produce their own hooks and raps, I personally feel its important for more up and coming acts to be able to do the same and not have to rely on a feature for assistance. “Deeper Things” has a great message and I felt a connection with it as I listened. This was my favorite track and I can see it being a personal favorite for many as well. It was definitely a song for me. Good looking out Paul. 

On the second track, “Manana,” the tempo is more upbeat as Paul unleashes lightening speed raps and a hook about seizing the a moment because tomorrow is never promised. The highlight for me was the beat switch and energy shift as Paul sings over smooth acoustic guitar strings. I didn’t see that coming but I sure was a fan of it. The production on the first two tracks were great! 

As we get to the half way mark of the EP, the music takes a step back tempo and tone wise and we hear Paul deliver great messages through his life experiences and reflections of his journey.  “Little Bit” is about overcoming obstacles and things that may cause pain. Paul sings “We’re just  humans , we’re prone to doing things that keep us from our true selves.” He then goes into the topic of how in life we don’t see the full scope of things  as they happened we only just know and or can see a “little bit” and can’t quite see the bigger picture. “Runaway,” my second favorite track after “Deeper Things,” showed Paul’s range as an artist. He didn’t rap on this at all and I loved his vocals a lot on this track. Paul creates music from within. It’s all so relatable and true. He makes meaningful music. On the EP closer, “‘Til You Found Me,” this track serves as an ode to his wife who he  is VERY MUCH thankful for.

Overall this EP is the perfect showcase of Paul Hernandez as a person and his talents. Most release EPs for a variety of reasons, but they are most frequently used as a promotional tool to grow a new fan base. This EP’s impact is more than just a placement to promote fan growth. I felt this EP had no weaknesses and it served well as his first official EP. Paul’s future is bright and I really enjoyed this project from start to finish. This five track sampler has heavy replay value with “Deeper Things” and “Runaway” being my standout tracks. Job well done Paul!


Rating: 9.4/10


Below is where you can keep up and reach out to Paul Hernandez: 

Official Website :

Instagram: @paulhernandezmusic


YouTube: ‘Paul Hernandez Music’

Spotify: Paul Hernandez



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