New Music Alert: Nate Joël – The Last Dance (Cook boy Cook Vol. 30)

Due to my inconsistencies in the past with posting, this is surprisingly my first Nate Joël post. Crazy I know!  My peers know how much I rave about him and his talents. There is just not many up and coming acts built like Nate. Actually, I’ll just go ahead and say it. Nate is 1 of 1. With his latest installment of his ‘Cook boy Cook’ series titled “Last Dance,” Nate goes MJ and lets his talents do the talking.

On “Last Dance” Nate immediately tackles the current societal climate and speaks his mind. He opens up with these lyrics:

“I’ve stood on principles and pillars that could never break
They giving us the run around on giving what we gotta take
No ballots for a revolution
Puttin hands up make for easy shootin
We’ve been getting robbed and u concerned with lootin
I don’t think your mind is right
You begged for peace when it was time to fight”

The truth that’s spoken in this track is much needed and meant for everyone to hear! There’s a clever bar in their with a deeper meaning but i’ll see if you all can catch it. I  would love to give y’all a real lyrical breakdown and do a deep dive but I’ll wait till Nate’s next tape.  That’ll require some deep analysis. Below is the amazing Steve Muelz shot visuals for “Last Dance.” Give it a listen! Nate is a special talent with the brightest of futures!

Also,the track is mixed by Vad Nole! With that said, I want to say thank you Nate, Steve and Vad for always holding us down with the ‘Cook Boy Cook’ series. It’s much needed!

RATING (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

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