Alright, listen. If you aren’t familiar with the brilliance that is KILLBOY, let me be the one to help get you up to speed!  I discovered KB back in December last year right before she dropped “WHEREDAFUCC  and “JUST ME”. (I think this makes me a Day 1 fan! lol) Since those drops, she has showed no signs of slowing down. The Beat House artist has such a unique skill set! She makes her own beats. She engineers her own vocals. I’ve seen her show off her skills on the keys and guitar via IG live  as well. She literally does it all. The most unique thing about her in my opinion is definitely her voice.  It just stands out. I did see some BS though that said she sounded like someone I will not name and I was furious…


So far this year she’s released “HIGH ON MY OWN SUPPLY”, “WHITECLAW OUTLAW”,  “666” and her latest single, “THAT’S OKAY I’LL JUST FUCK MYSELF”.  On the new track KILLBOY creates pop gold as she sings about life and how it can really just be pain in the ass. To go along with this dope track, are some amazing 3D visuals done by animator and designer Josh Burke of Magic Mountain.  I’m usually not one to be a huge fan of this genre of music but I guess KILLBOY’s music has been my guilty pleasure in 2020 and good music is good music. It’s clear KILLBOY possess all the Pop Music Infinity Stones and though she has already been putting out great product, the best is yet to come.


RATING (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

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