New Music Alert: Kid Cudi & Eminem – The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady


Kid Cudi and Eminem. This was definitely a collaboration not many could say they saw coming. Well guess what? It happened. “The Adventures Of Moon Man And Slim Shady” sounds like a song that could be special with the title including both artist’s aliases. Kid Cudi was fresh off his first #1 single with “The Scotts” and was looking to keep the momentum going but man, “The Adventures Of Moon Man And Slim Shady” was beyond underwhelming.  I personally feel like the production was meh, Eminem was meh as he rapped about wearing a mask and hazmats. Kid Cudi’s contributions were okay but still a little disappointing. I’m pissed. I’m even more pissed to be shaming a Cudi, Shady, and Dot da Genius produced track but fuck it, we were let down big time of something that could have been so epic. 🙁



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