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I want to bring attention to someone much deserving of the spotlight. The DMV’s very own, I-Khan, is a talented rapper and member of the lyrically charged Cerebral Assassins. I’ve been following I-Khan for some time now. I was first introduced to him by a childhood friend of mine who had started making music with him. I-Khan is a different kind of artist. He’s quite unique actually. His cadence and delivery really is attention grabbing and it always has been. Early on he reminded me of a cooler version of a few specific hip hop legends. I would say who, but I want you all to listen to his older tunes and tell me who you think I’m referring too. 👀

With his slick and clever wordplay and Tyson powered punchlines, I knew then he’d become something really special. I’ve been in frequent communications with I-Khan and he shared with me two unreleased tracks that will be released later this summer. I-Khan’s music tends to be inspired by his life and experiences. Whether it’s the pain from a past relationship or journey of self growth with sometimes battling the setbacks, I-Khan is able to express himself and connect with his listeners through it all.

On the two tracks shared with me, I-Khan gets real introspective about his life. I can tell both tracks were inspired by a series of events in his life. These unreleased tracks were laced with production by LOWKEY. I-Khan frequently works with LOWKEY and they have this Kobe and Shaq type chemistry. The name of these two tracks are “SMILEE” and “MOONN.” The dark production on “SMILEE” and the interstellar and eccentric production job on “MOONN” all compliment I-Khan’s emotions felt in each song as well as supporting his overall message. I’ve had both tracks on a loop over the weekend. The music is that good! When I spoke to him about his music and creating process he mentioned, “being able to create content is very much theraputic for him and he doesn’t know what he would do if he wasn’t able to create.” It’s like self therapy for him but also his fans find his music to serve as being therapeutic for them as well.

With a project on the way in early August I’m expecting some really good things to follow up 2019’s ‘Club Errahh Issue 1’. I-Khan isn’t just another rapper out of Virginia. He’s a wordsmith, he shares personal stories about his life that allows listeners to relate and connect with him on a deeper level and most importantly, I-Khan is an artist in every essence of the word.

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