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New Music Alert: Nate Joël – Written in the Key of Life (Cook boy Cook Vol. 31)


That boy Nate Joël is back! On “Written in the Key of Life,”  Nate goes off on a remastered version of Mac Miller’s “Diablo” beat. Nate continues to remind us of what consistency looks like. He always seems to deliver and hasn’t missed yet! Familiarize yourself with this young man! Side note, I’ll be starting a Nate Joël “Stan Club” DM me on twitter if you’re interested. (lol but seriously hmu) Check out the amazing visual shot  for “Written in the Key of Life” below!

Notable Lyrics: 

“I talk, slicker than money do
You tend to watch your back but never face what’s in front of you, what conclusion we coming too
On the vultures in the culture who be tappin pockets
Like my independence with a side of profit”

“Destination stages when we taking trips
I invest in self I could never let my stock crash
Way I like to move got me feeling like an Outkast”




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