Annalise Azadian – Six Weeks of $even (EP Review)


Annalise Azadian is an extremely talented emerging young artist that has generated a huge amount of buzz. I last delivered a piece on Annalise when she released “WYA (ilu).”   I’m going to go ahead and double down and say Annalise is most certainly up next and she’s starting to separate herself from her peers with ‘Six Weeks of $even’.


  1. BOGU$
  2. WYA (ilu)
  3. Freudian Slip
  4. Neither
  5. Good Girls Gone Wild (MIA)
  6. Wine n Dine
  7. Without You

Favorite Tracks: BOGU$, WAY (ilu), Neither and Wine n Dine 

Annalise returns with her follow up to 2018’s ‘Untitled, ‘Six Weeks of $even’. ‘Six Weeks of $even’  is a COMPLETE body of work. The seven track project rollout was lead with 6 singles from the project released over a period of 7 weeks. Each release had their own visuals shot by Steven Muelz. This idea was genius to me because it most definitely is a single’s game now in music. Her production team consisting of  WhatsGoodKev, Sam Mandell and S.Dot created magic throughout this project. All emotions and vibes are felt throughout this project. The production was great but it’s Annalise’s vocals, delivery and song writing that shine brightest here.

Since ‘Six Weeks of $even’ has released I’ve easily played through it so many times I could probably provided backup vocals at Annalise’s first show post pandemic. But seriously, this EP is really good and I’m beyond excited for Annalise Azadian’s future!

‘Six Weeks of $even’ is available on all streaming platforms. Check out the Visual Album Below!


Written by the President of your STAN club Suave 😂😍


Rating: A+

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