New Music: I-Khan – ERRAHH (Album Review)

I-Khan’s highly anticipated ERRAHH is everything I thought it would be. Back in July I got a chance to hear two unreleased tracks at the time, Smile & Moon, that became key tracks on this album. After I heard those two tracks and just talking music with I-Khan I knew this album would one, be worth the wait and two, this would be a very big moment and release for I-Khans career.




3.Already Written






9.Rain Forever

Favorite Tracks:  Already Written, Luggage, Smile, Moon & Rain Forever

ERRAHH is a personal project that is able to continue to make the core I-Khan fans very happy as well as intrigue and attract new listeners to gravitate to I-Khan. I-Khan showcased his incredible flow, clever wordplay and his versatility. He and LowKey! are the perfect team as the production is beyond masterful. It’s really hard to not root and support I-Khan. There has been a lot of music that’s dropped this year.  Some have been good, some bad and majority being in the same class of being “okay” projects. ERRAHH standouts like the talents that created this album.

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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