Darius Mylik – Killmonger (Ft. Water.Like.Soul)

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What’s going on world? It has been a while since I last tapped in with you all and that’s on me! In my return though I am beyond ecstatic to talk about an artist by name of Darius Mylik. Darius Mylik is a soulful and dynamic singer, songwriter and lyricist hailing from Minneapolis, MN. I didn’t know much about Darius prior to hearing this track but man, am I glad I came across this talent. Killmonger was released last year during black history month and the back story behind the song is quite interesting. Darius came to creating “Killmonger” through an interaction with a coworker. In an interview with Rooted Minds, Darius shares how it came about.

“Killmonger….that is one of my favorite songs because it was written in an angry state lol. I was having a conversation with a colleague and I was stating how I couldn’t wait to go to Chicago because of all of the black culture and the way we are represented there, especially the young millennials. She seemed to take issue with the fact that I always expressed how much I loved to see our progression and position in different prominent places, so she told me about it. I politely told her and
those around me that being proud and wanting to be around my people isn’t an issue. All races and people do it lol. So when I went home that night I was working on another song which I believe did not make the tape and that beat went off and the beat which eventually became Killmonger came on. I instantly felt that joint, off the bat, the chorus came so easy and so did the verse. I swear I felt the anointing writing it, and I went to record it that same night.”

Darius put that emotion he felt during that heated conversation and put it into the music. Darius’s emotion is felt as soon as the track starts and it’s maintained through out. The hard hitting production job by StunnahSezbeatz and the a featured verse by Water.Like.Soul. compliments Darius and “Killmonger ” so well. Both artist came and delivered displaying masterful word play and impressionable cadence. What’s special about “Killmonger” is that it’s a track that’ll age like fine wine and it’s a song that resonates even more now with myself and the black community with all that’s occurred in 2020. And of course, all dope tracks need some dope visuals. Check out “Killmonger” below!

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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