Favorite Track: AUTOMATIC 

BIA is back and ready to capitalize on her stellar performance on Russ’s “BEST ON EARTH” with her latest EP ‘FOR CERTAIN’. I personally think BIA for one is underrated and this EP places her overlooked talent FRONT & CENTER. BIA does this alongside some intriguing features.  Immediately the EP kicks off with “BIA BIA.” 

* insert awkward Squidward laugh*

On here, BIA links up with Lil Jon to provide a solid verse coupled with Lil Jon’s CRUNKED UP hook. On “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” BIA gets busy as she displays some rich wordplay and creates a catchy bop  with “AUTOMATIC” which features Doe Boy & 42 Dugg.

Previously released tracks such as “SKATE,” “SAME HANDS,” and “COVER GIRL” were all featured on this EP. All three tracks were received relatively well especially COVER GIRL.  The EP’s final track serves as the beginning to a new chapter for BIA where she is declaring her independence on “FREE BIA (1st Day Out).”

This EP didn’t blow me away. I also was aware of what BIA could do. Therefore, I had some expectations going in.  ‘FOR CERTAIN’ contains some heat layered in these 8 tracks as well as some decent cuts but, nothing bad. It seems safe to say BIA is headed in the right direction. I believe in her and I think she needs more of a spotlight shined her way and I’m “for certain” this drop will do that for her.


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