Artist Spotlight: IM 2MRW

 The future is here….

IM 2MRW, who is originally from Los Angeles, but moved to San Francisco to attend art school. From that point on that’s when IM 2MRW discovered his creative side.

His songs range from the tales of breaking through in the entertainment industry to the heartbreaks that took place with love based on the wrong things such as lust and money.  The songs act as therapy of such emotions which also act as insight to listeners as to what comes with choosing a “fast life” destination.  

The nostalgic track “All I Know” is his best work. I loved the hype instrumental I heard on this track. 2MRW also killed it as he delivers a unique slick flow and sly lyrics to keep any listeners attention. Put this track up there for me for ones I’d like to hear at the next rager.

Listen to “All I Know” below.

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