Samuel Adetunji & Veriheal Take Cannabis To New Heights

Samuel Adetunji saw firsthand the benefits of cannabis while seeing his own father struggle with liver cancer and finding relief through the use of cannabis oil.

Before Veriheal, Adetunji was working for a Fortune 500 company in Washington, D.C. When he and his business partner, Joshua Green, tried to obtain medical marijuana cards in the District and found it to be quite the battle. This exact moment is what inspired the creation of Veriheal.

What is Veriheal?

Veriheal is an innovative cannatech platform that connects people all over the country with doctors in their state who can assess and recommend them for medical marijuana. The company’s goal is to educate the public about cannabis all while encouraging them on their path to healing. Veriheal is taking cannabis, tech and health to new heights by introducing a new state of the art service you won’t be able to find elsewhere. 

Since 2017, Veriheal has helped over 100,000 patients get their medical marijuana cards. It’s clear that they are the leaders in cannabis innovation and entrepreneurship—no small accomplishment in an industry in which only 4% of businesses are Black-owned.

The cannabis industry is in a critical need for such experts who are willing to educate the general public and provide patients with some clarity on what products to use, how to use them, and where to access them. The industries savior is Veriheal.

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