Travis Scott – Days Before Rodeo (Anniversary Review)

Seven years ago today, Travis Scott released his mixtape ‘Days Before Rodeo’ and since that release, it’s been up, up, UPPITY for the HTX Icon.

I’ve always been a music junkie but ISWT wasn’t around back then for me to blog how I felt about this project. Wow, come to think of it… that was still prime blogging era what a window I missed! I was busy singing/screaming lyrics to songs like “Mamacita,” “Sloppy Toppy,” “Don’t Play” and “Basement Freestyle” back at UMW with my brothers before we got into our weekend shenanigans.

The Tracklist

  1. Days Before Rodeo: The Prayer
  2. Mamacita (Feat. Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug)
  3. Quintana Pt. 2
  4. Drugs You Should Try It
  5. Don’t Play (Feat. Big Sean & The 1975)
  6. Skyfall (Feat. Young Thug)
  7. Zombies
  8. Sloppy Toppy (Feat. Migos & PeeWee Longway)
  9. Basement Freestyle
  10. Backyard
  11. Grey
  12. Bacc ** Bonus Track**

Favorite Tracks: Mamacita, Backyard, Basement Freestyle, Don’t Play & Quintana

‘Days Before Rodeo’ I believe is a cult classic for many Travis fans and it’s clear as to why. Outside of a younger Travis delivering an exquisite product that would set him up and propel him into Superstardom, Travis birthed a new sound! Your favorite artist loved it so much and either locked in the Travis feature or told whatever producer they worked with to give them that “Travis Scott” sound.

This mixtape was very complete. Travis came correct, the production was immaculate, and every featured artist showed up and showed out. I know everyone talks about how important ‘Owl Pharaoh’ was for Travis as it was his debut solo tape. In my eyes though, ‘Days Before Rodeo’ was the ONE that allowed Travis’s breakthrough.

I am a bit biased with thinking this project was perfect and I could be wrong. Nonetheless, this mixtape is well deserving of nothing lower than an overall B+ grade if I were to be objective!

Happy 7th Anniversary ‘Days Before Rodeo’ and congrats to all your success since Travis! Can we get this tape on all streaming platforms now???

Stream ‘Days Before Rodeo’ below:


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