Who is Zach Powers?

Zach Powers is a millionaire cannabis entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, CA. Zachary Taylor Powers., also known by his business name Grasshopper, is an American entrepreneur, activist & store owner in Los Angeles, CA.

Zach & Grasshoppers Brand

In 2015, Zach opened a cannabis dispensary called Grasshoppers in Downtown Los Angeles. Since opening, he has been an influential cannabis dispensary brand owner by always sharing knowledge and motivation for other cannabis entrepreneurs to pursue their own cannabis ventures.

Since opening Zach has made major moves along with making many Hollywood friends. Zach can be seen with prominent celebrities such as Rosa Acosta, Mr. Capone, Chinese Best Friend (Michael Blackson’s business partner) and the one and only DJ Carisma.  


Podcast Pushing Cannabis Education

Zach Powers also hosts his own podcast titled “Grasshoppers” where he educates his listeners about the cannabis industry.  Zach says  “The reason why I started this podcast is because I think there is a real lack of education out there in the space, I think that there is a lot of misinformation and I think that bootleg has got a big hold of the black market.” 

He invites different influential guests to dish out different topics such as how to build your following, adjusting through the drought market and what light dep is.   Zach really takes his time to give free valuable quality education to his audience in the cannabis industry.

The sky is the limit for this young CEO/Entrepreneur. To find out more about Zach Powers and his store Grasshoppers please visit his website:

You can also keep up with Zach & Grasshoppers on Instagram:  and

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