Tems – If Orange Was A Place (EP Review)


Tem’s drops off If Orange Was A Place at an absolute perfect time. She’s having quite the year already as “Essence” continues to be played at high volumes globally and she receives her praises for her performance. She also gained new fans state side with her feature on “Fountains” with Drake on CLB.

I’ve played this EP over 30 times already since its release and it’s clear that one of the goals of this EP was to serve as an experiment as well as a sampler to create a new stream of Tems’ consciousness in the minds of new fans.

Favorite Tracks: Crazy Tings & Found

If Orange Was A Place makes for a tasteful offering. The EP is just 5 tracks but it’s full of flavor. (I’m writing this during dinner time)  The production on here was stellar as well. A fine blend of R&B, afro infused pop and traditional afro beats.

The EP kicks off with “Crazy Things” with no drop off in quality afterwards. We did get gifted with the pleasant surprise of a Tems and Brent Faiyaz collab on “Found.” Who knew we needed a Brent Faiyaz & Tems collaboration? Other than my guy Jam. A track like this allows Tems to get into a more R&B acoustic vibe which she absolutely bodies by all means.    This was the EP’s only feature and it leads into three more solid solo efforts by her. 

Tems vocals are memorizing and word to Wale:

This EP was a small offering with a bigger message. Tems has arrived baby and is here to stay. If Orange Was A Place was just five tracks and it was just the right amount of new tunes for casual Tems fans but new fans may crave more music. If you haven’t listened to last years For Broken Ears, I highly recommend you add it into your rotation.



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