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As we approach the 5 year mark of In Suave We Trust, I would like to take a moment to thank every last one of you for the consistent love and support throughout this amazing journey.  There’s been many ups and few downs but if anything it has been filled with many lessons, new connections and dope experiences. There is so much more I can say here on how thankful I am, folks I can mention by name and personally thank but, I’ll save the cutting of onions for another day.

My Top 50 list from 2016 was probably my most controversial list to date. Ask anyone. With some influence and discussion amongst close friends (what up Mikey), I decided to go back and re-rank my 2016 Top 50 as a celebration of it hitting the 5 year mark. There’s a bit of a twist here though. Instead of a Top 50 it will be a Top 25.

Even 5 years later this was still difficult to do. Especially since I had to pick the 25 best albums rather than 50 so many good albums will be getting snubbed here. Sorry not sorry!

Some of the chosen albums I did go with here were clear no brainers in my opinion as they have aged gracefully. Some of these I still feel have been slept on but were really impactful and set some artist up for the success you see they have today. Most importantly, all 25 of these albums are really good and you cannot deny QUAILTY.

Before diving into my new list check out the OG list:



TOP 25

So now it’s time for the new list. One of my goals currently is to grow the In Suave We Trust account on Instagram. That being said, I’ve posted my 25 exclusively on Instagram! Check it out. Give the page a follow. Tell a friend, share, and like the post. It all goes a long way and I truly appreciate it.

Side bar: While’s you’re there, go ahead and click the account @trustyfits in my bio and give them a follow too (especially you fashion lovers).

Okay back to music:

Hopefully I did okay at ranking the Top 25 but honestly this is just a damn near impossible task. 2016 was an amazing year of music and I probably should’ve done a Top 100 the first go round!

I probably may have gotten this Top 25 all wrong but this was a reflection of the best projects, the most impact, stood the test of time and REPLAY value. I welcome all arguments. You know where to reach me. Thanks for tapping in! Now on to this 2021 list.

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