Song Of The Day 7/11/2018: Jang x Devonte Tymon x Josue – Hokage Today's #SongOfTheDay is brought to us courtesy of the talented trio of Jang, Devonte Tymon, and Josue. "Hokage" is what I call a complete song! The production is absolutely amazing on "Hokage." Each artist came through and DELIVERED. Devonte immediately taps into his bag as a starts us off with an electric verse that … Continue reading Song Of The Day 7/11/2018: Jang x Devonte Tymon x Josue – Hokage

Meek Mill – Legends Of The Summer (EP Review)

FREE MEEK! MEEK IS FREE! FREE MEEK! MEEK IS FREE!! Hip Hop is behind Meek again. Personally, I'm behind Meek again. I find myself supporting him the way I did between 2010 to 2013. I'll be honest, for some reason I did lose interest in him at a point in time and I was definitely … Continue reading Meek Mill – Legends Of The Summer (EP Review)

Nas – Nasir (Album Review)

  ESCOBAR SZN BEGINS! One of Hip Hop's most important artist has returned. Nas has been putting on for New York and the East Coast as a whole since the 90's. Nas is a lyrical genius and his rap style is one that has earned him a mass of success. His ability at story telling … Continue reading Nas – Nasir (Album Review)

KIDS SEE GHOST (Kanye x Kid Cudi) – KIDS SEE GHOST (Album Review)

After looking back at 'Ye', continuing to play Ye, and reading over my review of 'Ye' I still enjoy the project. Yes I know its been a month but I still love the project. There is a lot to be said about 'Ye' but a takeaway that I had was that this Kanye x Cudi … Continue reading KIDS SEE GHOST (Kanye x Kid Cudi) – KIDS SEE GHOST (Album Review)

Wifisfuneral – Ethernet, Vol. 1 (Album Review)

First off I would like to congratulate Wifisfuneral on making XXL's 2018 Freshmen list! Wifi is definitely one of my favorite artist among the new age rappers. Wifi is different. With sheer tenacity and a mind bending flow and delivery to channel his raps, the Palm Beach, Florida rapper, is becoming quit the star with … Continue reading Wifisfuneral – Ethernet, Vol. 1 (Album Review)

BJ The Chicago Kid – The Opening Ceremony (EP Review)

Grammy nominated BJ The Chicago Kid returns to the scene with a three song sampler. BJ The Chicago Kid is expected to release a new album later this year through Motown Records. On each of the three songs BJ  takes three different approaches but they all come together nicely as a whole as they all are fairly … Continue reading BJ The Chicago Kid – The Opening Ceremony (EP Review)

Kanye West – Ye (Album Review)

Following the release of Pusha T's 'DAYTONA' album, which was solely produced by Kanye, Kanye delivered his own album a week later and it could not have been at a better time. 'Ye' like 'DAYTONA', is a 7 - track project. The anticipation for this album was through the roof for some and meant nothing … Continue reading Kanye West – Ye (Album Review)

Pusha-T – DAYTONA (Review & Stream)

AFTER CARRYING US for about 4 years with “King Push,” we did not get 'King Push'. Instead we got a 7 tracked all Kanye West produced project named 'DAYTONA'. The timing of this release was everything to me. One because Kanye West needed something good to happen in his life. The guy is honestly going … Continue reading Pusha-T – DAYTONA (Review & Stream)

A$AP Ferg “Still Striving” Album Review

A$AP Ferg is clearly a star. He has the swagger and charisma though to be a SUPERSTAR. Ferg gave us "Always Strive And Prosper" a year and a half ago and it was a project i definitely enjoyed but,  the reviews were up and down stating it was a set back from his debut "Trap … Continue reading A$AP Ferg “Still Striving” Album Review