In Suave We Trust Presents…. “The Top 50 Albums of 2018”

I’m back like I never left! Well actually I haven’t done a Top 50 list since 2016…. 2017 was a very tough year with posting and 2018 was no better, by my standards at least. But best believe we’re getting things poppin‘ in 2019 and we are closing out 2018 with a bang. I present to you my Top 50 Albums for the year.

So the albums selected released between January 1st thru December 15th. I do not really follow the window that Grammy Committee does so please keep in mind the date range I mentioned. So yes next year I’ll be going from the December 15th of 2018 thru December 15th of 2019…. Also there is the possibility I may go from January 1st 2019 to December 31st 2019 since I like to post these rankings a few weeks into the new year anyway!


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But as you can see there were plenty of amazing projects that dropped this year! I would like to take the time to applaud all these artist for their work BUT I CAN ONLY GO WITH 50! This year I found myself struggling at times to make these picks and It was difficult to do. Some popular projects may not be ranked where some would like or they may not have even made the 50. Well, too bad. Tell your favorite artist to do better….

That’s enough shall we dive in!?


50. Camila Cabello – Camila

 Favorite Tracks: All These Years, Havana and In The Dark


saint jhn

49. Saint JHN – Collection One

 Favorite Tracks: 3 Below, Surf Club, Roses, Reflex, and GOD BLESS THE RATCHETS



48. Towkio – WWW.

 Favorite Tracks: Symophony, Hate to Love, 2 Da Moon and Forever


mick jenkins

47. Mick Jenkins – Pieces Of A Man

 Favorite Tracks: Barcelona, Understood and Soft Porn


joey purp

46. Joey Purp – QUARTERTHING

Favorite Tracks: 24K Gold/Sanctified, Elastic, QUARTERTHING, Look At My Wrist, and Fessional/Diamonds Dancing



rae sremmurd

45. Rae Sremmurd – SR3MM

 Favorite Tracks: Up In My Cocina, Perplexing Pegasus, Buckets, 42, Powerglide, Chanel, Changed Up and Guatemala  

playboi carti44. Playboi Carti – Die Lit

Favorite Tracks: Long Time, R.I.P, Shoota, Poke It Out, Home (KOD), Fell In Luv and Pull Up

dave east

43. Dave East Paranoia II

Favorite Tracks: Talk To Big, Prosper, Powder, Corey, I Can Not and I Found Keisha


post malone

42. Post Malone – Beerbongs & Bentleys

Favorite Tracks: Paranoid, Spoil My Night, rockstar, Psycho, 92 Explorer and Candy Paint



41. Buddy – Harlan and Alondra

Favorite Tracks: Real Life S**t, Black, Hey Up There, Trouble On Central, Trippin’, and Find Me 2


a$ap rocky

40. A$AP Rocky – Testing

 Favorite Tracks: Distorted Records, A$AP Forever REMIX, Tony Tone, Praise The Lord, Buck Shots and OG Beeper



39. Kali Uchis – Isolation

 Favorite Tracks: Tyrant, Nuestro Planeta, Feel Like A Fool, and After The Storm 


39. Jorja Smith – Lost & Found 

 Favorite Songs:  Lost & Found, Wandering Romance, Lifeboats (Freestyle), and The One


37. Teyana Taylor – K.T.S.E.

Favorite Tracks: Gonna Love Me and Rose In Harlem 



36. Denzel Curry – TA13OO

Favorite Track: Clout Cobain, Cash Maniac, Sumo and Percs


leon bridges

 35. Leon Bridges –Good Thing

 Favorite Track: Bad Bad News and You Don’t Know


 34. Drake – Scorpion

Favorite Tracks: Survival, Nonstop, God’s Plan, Mob Ties, Sandra’s Rose, Is There More and Jaded

currensy and them

 33. Currensy, Freddie Gibbs, and the Alchemist – FETTI


Favorite Tracks: The Blow, Bundy Sincere and Location Remote


32. Blood Orange – Negro Swan

Favorite Tracks: Saint, Hope and Charcoal Baby


kids see ghost

31. Kids See Ghosts – Kids See Ghosts

Favorite Tracks: 4th Dimension, Freeeee, and Reborn


30. Vince Staples – FM!

Favorite Tracks: Run The Bands, Don’t Get Chipped, Feels Like Summer, and Tweakin 


tom misch_ geography

29. Tom Misch – Geography

Favorite Tracks: Before Paris/Lost in Paris, South of the River, Movie, It Runs through Me, and Water Baby



28. Jeremih &Ty Dolla Sign – MihTy

Favorite Tracks: The Light, FYT, Goin Thru Some Thangz, Surrounded and Intimate


royce 59

27. Royce Da 5’9 – Book of Ryan

Favorite Tracks: Cocaine, Caterpillar, Boblo Boat, Summer On Lock, and Woke 



26. Octavion – Spaceman

Favorite Tracks: Stand Down, Build, Break That, Lightening, and Move Faster




25. Flatbush Zombies – Vacation In Hell

Favorite Tracks: HELL-O, Vacation, Headstone, Facts, Ask Courtney, and Crown


24. Benny The Butcher – Tana Talk 3

Favorite Tracks: 97 Hov, Rubber Band & Weight, Joe Pesci 38 and Broken Bottles



23. Masego – Lady Lady

Favorite Tracks: I Had A Vision, Old Age, Just A Little, Lady Lady, Tadow



22. Ariana Grande – Sweetener

Favorite Tracks: Blazed, Everytime, God Is A Woman, Borderline, Pete Davidson


21. Lupe Fiasco – Drogas 

Favorite Tracks: Drogas, Manila, WAV Filies, Haile Selassie, Alan Forever, Stronger, and  XO

TOP 20!!!



20. Anderson .Paak – Oxnard

Favorite Tracks: The Chase, Tints, Who R U?, 6 Summers , Trippy, and Cheers


black panther

19. Kendrick Lamar/Various Artists – Black Panther: The Album

Favorite Tracks: All The Stars, Kings Dead, Pray For Me and Big Shot



18. 6LACK – East Atlanta Love Letter

Favorite Tracks: Pretty Little Fears, Nonchalant, Sorry, Switch, Seasons, and Stan




Favorite Tracks: Intro, Trauma, Uptown Vibes, On Me, What’s Free, Going Bad and 24/7



16. Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer

Favorite Track: Pynk, Americans, I Got The Juice, and Make Me Feel



15. The Carters – Everything Is Love 



14. The Internet – Hive Mind

Favor Tracks: Come Together,La Di Da, Bravo, Come Over and It Gets Better (With Time)


sir-november-album (1)

13. SiR – November

Favorite Tracks:D’Evils, Never Home, War, Better, That’s Alright and Dreaming of Me



12. Smino – NØIR



tierra whack_whack world ep

11. Tierra Whack – Whack World



saba_ care for me (1)

10. Saba – CARE FOR ME

Favorite Tracks: Broken Girls, Life, Prom/King and Logout

9. Noname – Room 25 

Favorite Tracks: Montego Bae, Don’t Forget About Me and Prayer Song



8. J. Cole – KOD

Favorite Tracks: KOD, Photograph, ATM, Motiv8, Brackets and 1985



7. J.I.D – DiCaprio 2

Favorite Track: Slick Talk, Off Deez, 151 Rum, Off Da Zoinkys, Tiiied, Skrawberries, Hot Box and Hasta Luego



6. Jay Rock – Redemption

Favorite Tracks: King’s Dead, Win, The Bloodiest, OSOM, Wow Freestyle, and Redemption

TOP 5!!!!!





5. Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy

Cardi B had herself hell of a year! I found it difficult putting her ahead of so many good albums but I had to be honest with myself and to you all. (Yes I am specifically referring to putting her ahead of Jay Rock’s ‘Redemption’) Cardi B makes a strong case as the Music Industry’s MVP in 2018. “Bodak Yellow” took all the way off. She had two #1 singles in “Bodak Yellow” and “I Like That.” She was the 5th female rapper in history with a #1 album. On top of that half her album was on Billboard Top 200 at one point and she had amazing features. Cardi B is a star and you can make a strong case for ‘Invasion of Privacy’ being #1 on my list but its my list, so NAH! Anyways, Congratulations Cardi on your success and thank you for delivering an amazing album. She is already off to a great start in 2019! Expecting big things! 



4. Nipsey Hussle – Victory Lap

“Last Time That I Checc’d,” this was arguably Nipsey’s best project! Maybe? Probably not. Let me chill because the hardcore Nipsey fans probably want to kill me for not having “Victory Lap” at #1! For me this was a phenomenal album but not THE BEST OF 2018. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST, hence it being at #4 out of 50. This project had amazing production to go with flawless lyricism. Nipsey has been slept on for so long but I’m glad that “Victory Lap” allowed the casual hip hop/rap fans to get really really familiar with what elite talent looks like!


mac miller

3. Mac Miller – Swimming 

Damn… the untimely passing of Mac Miller will forever hurt. He was such a good guy and was truly loved by everyone. ‘Swimming’ was my favorite album this year for many reasons but I would like to make one thing clear. I am a Mac Miller stan but i didn’t let that cloud my judgement here. Also, this wasn’t a sympathy pick. I truly believe Mac had a Top 5 album this year. I’m prepared to debate anyone. This album was flawless and displayed Mac really mastering his craft with production and just overall song making. This was a real emotional body of work as he was battling a lot. It did seem like he was overcoming these obstacles but unfortunately we lost a young talent who really was underrated as a producer and an artist. I’m getting emotional talking about this so I’ll stop here. R.I.P Mac and thank you for everything!



2. Pusha-T – DAYTONA


Outside of ‘Swimming’, ‘Daytona’ was the project I played on repeat daily since its arrival this past summer. This album could easily be #1 as well. Though it is only seven tracks, there was a lot of things occurring in all seven tracks. Production was flawless. I know you all hate the producer but I’m not gonna let his political views seal off my ears. All  seven tracks were so well produced. And the sampling?! Forget about it. It was dope. As expected too, Pusha-T delivered! Push is an artist who understands what his winning formula is and never creates without it! 

For more insight on what makes ‘Daytona’ a Top 2 project this year, check out the album review.


astro boi

1. Travis Scott – ASTROWORLD


ASTROWORLD WAS THE BEST ALBUM OF 2018 WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!! I initially wrote a crazy long argument but deleted it because I think I covered everything in my album review for ‘Astroworld’ explaining why its the  best album this year. Production may be its biggest strength here over lyricism but no one is checking for Travis to be all miracle lyrical on tracks. Its his ability to make songs that make him an elite artist. On top of that numbers don’t lie… You see how much he sold and how long he had held on to the #1 album spot! He may be the favorite to win “Best Rap Album” and “Album Of The Year” at the Grammy’s if #6 thru #2 on this list don’t win. Out of all the albums on this list outside of ‘Daytona’ and ‘Swimming’, ‘Astroworld’ has the most replay value. So yes ‘Astroworld’ was the #1 album of 2018! If you disagree, hit me up we’ll talk about it.




Thank You For Reading! Please, Please, Please Provide Me With Your Thoughts and Criticism! It’s All Love. Also Please Share This List With Your Friends & Family. Hopefully I Did A Good Job With Rankings Or At LEAST I Have A Better List Than Other Publications. 


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Ten MOST DOPE Mac Miller Songs: A Birthday Tribute To Mac Miller


The untimely passing of Mac Miller still feels like it isn’t real. One of my favorite rappers, Miller’s skills as a rapper paled in comparison to who he was a person.  Probably the most genuine person in the industry, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who disliked Mac Miller.  His energy was felt by all who met him and it has truly left a void in the world of hip hop.

In honoring and remembering Mac Miller, I teamed up with my big bro Brandon “Stik” Braxton to give you all a list of Mac’s Top 10 songs. 


Stik’s Top 10

10) The Spins

So remember when Wiz Khalifa came out with “The Thrill?” In my mind, this was Mac Miller’s version of that.  The song wasn’t meant to be a lyrical display; it was just a fun song that could get any party going back in college.

9) Senior Skip Day

Man as a senior in college, this was a MOOD. Another essential chill Miller song, this was something you could throw on at any time.  The lyrics were playful and were memorable, with lines like “Open up the fridge to make some waffles/but no more syrup left in my bottle/Damn, well it’s okay/I top it off with scrambled eggs/Ayy gotta work with watcha got.”  Mac epitomized the glass half full personality, even when things weren’t always great.

8) ROS

When people think of Mac Miller love songs, they point to his The Divine Feminine album and rightfully so.  But when it comes down to my favorite love song of his, its this masterpiece.  I felt every word and its very relatable if, as he asks, if you ever been in love before.

7) Hurt Feelings

One of the most disappointing things about Mac’s death is that we’re being robbed of amazing music. Mac had put all his skills together and put together one of the year’s best albums.  One of those standouts was this gem.  Mac’s declaration that that he is who he is through and through, no matter the pressure to change up by the world around him was Mac in his purest.

6) Brand Name

I honestly want to include Doors with this entry as that is the true intro to GO:OD AM. With that being said, “Brand Name” is such a dope song with an important message.  In a world where everyone is following brands and trends, it’s better to be “handmade”—that is, to create your own lane. Mac was truly a creative.

5) Wings

I’ve always said that GO:OD AM was my favorite Mac album but I could probably make the case that Swimming was the best.  He had put together all his artistic talents and made some of this best music.  This song is everything that made him a great artist—a great ear, thoughtful lyrics with an unique flow and a melody that comforts.

4) Diablo

I don’t think Mac ever really got his respect as being one of the better rappers in the game. Chalk it up to whatever reason you want but it was an injustice in my opinion.  Whenever he got into his bag, he would come out the booth with some undeniable heat.  Take for example “Diablo,” a song that many point to when they want to show off Mac’s lyrical ability, not to mention Mac produced the song himself as well.  The subject matter is dark, admittedly making this song a bit painful these days.  Lyrics like “I find Jehovah in the darkest places,” and “Contemplating suicide like it’s a DVD,” are haunting these days.

3) Break the Law

This was in my top two until the new album came out but remains in my top three and it’s nothing to sneeze at. The song is hard and instantly gets me ready for whatever I got coming up.  That hook is just fun to recite. Plus, whenever Mac got up with Juicy J, the outcome was normally amazing.

2) Small Worlds

This is probably the best song that Mac Miller has ever created (to me obviously). It’s just the perfect amalgam of elements.  It’s a somber song that reflects his flaws, something Mac was never afraid to do.  I think that’s what made Mac one of the best artists in hip hop:  his honesty.  When he was hurting, he let you know.  When he was happy, he let you know.  It always reflected in his music.  Even the things that worried us as fans, those dark places that he would visit and could never ultimately escape from, he was transparent with us.  And on this song, he did it again.  Adding John Mayer’s undeniable guitar skills takes this song to another level as Mac delivers three reflective verses that make this such a complete piece of art.  There is only one song that I hold in higher esteem than this…

1) Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza

Back in 2011, Mac Miller was scheduled to perform at Randolph Macon, my alma mater. I had no idea who the kid was but I was willing to give him a try.  I looked up his most popular songs and settled in on this oddly named track.  As soon as the track began to play, I knew he would be a rapper I would follow from then out.  The lyrics weren’t anything special and his flow was still in its developing stages, but I could tell his genuine love for rapping.  Sure, my initial love for this song is due to its iconic status as a symbol of “frat rap” but even as I’ve grown older, it’s still a song that holds a special place in my heart.


Suave’s Top 10

This was extremely difficult.  I did a lot of shuffling because its hard to pick just 10 Mac songs! If we were doing a Top 20 I think that’d be easier. Yes, I said 20. Mac got hits! At one point I realized Stik and I had almost identical list. That changed though so here is my Top 10!

Honorable Mention:

Here’s one of my favorite Funk Flex Freestyles EVER as we kick things off. 


10.  Nikes On My Feet

9. Brand Name

8. Avian

7. Senior Skip Day

6. Self Care

5. Spins

4. Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza

3. Diablo

2. Hurt Feelings


1. Thoughts From A Balcony


So I know my list may be missing some of the most popular hits such as “Donald Trump,” “Best Day Ever,” and “S.D.S.” Those were definitely songs I had next in line for that tenth spot!  I also definitely could have wrote more about each track but lets say I did y’all a favor and made sure this was a quick read. I will say though “Thoughts From A Balcony” being my #1 Mac song should generate some interesting discussions. Anyways! At this time I would like to take say Happy Birthday Mac! We love and miss you so much. Gone but never forgotten.

S/o to my big bro Stik! Thank you for a great piece. He’s a super talented writer and has published two books. Make sure you follow him on Twitter @Dante_Diable54 . Below are the links to his books. Thank you all for reading.


Here’s the Thing:



Song Of The Day 8/2/2018: Mac Miller – Inertia

Mac Miller prepares us to go ‘Swimming’ with his new track and today’s #SongOfTheDay, “Inertia.” So Mac announced ‘Swimming’ in early July and followed it with the release of his songs, “Self-Care” and “What’s The Use?” This is Mac’s first album since 016’s The ‘Divine Feminine’. With “Inertia” Mac delivers a dope freestyle accompanied with a cool visual showing him in the studio messing with his keyboard and experimenting with sounds. With Mac’s last two tracks he shows you his ability to make music. On “Inertia,” Mac spits fire bars and talks some real sh*t including a few bars about his life. I can not wait for this album Friday!! I think it may be his best work to date. 

Song Of The Day 7/25/2018: Mac Miller – What’s The Use?

Mac Miller is in his BAG! I tweeted early this week that ‘SWIMMING’ will be his best album to date. Too soon? Well Mac is 2 for 2 with these singles so be it! On “What’s the Use,” Miller playfully flows over a very funk inspired beat as he does some self reflection. After releasing “What’s the Use,” Miller announced his 26-city nationwide tour titled The Swimming Tour which will be featuring Thundercat and Dreamville star J.I.D. YES. It is VERY LIT! 





Song Of The Day 7/17/2018: Mac Miller – Self Care

MUHAHAHAHAHA! More Mac Miller! He announced Friday that on August 3rd we will be getting a new album titled ‘Swimming. ” This will be the follow up to 2016’s The Divine Feminine. I really love this song and how Mac sounds on here. This could be the best he’s ever sounded. There definitely were a few lines that had myself and others thinking this song was solely about Pop Princess Ariana Grande

“Well, didn’t know what I was missing/Now I see a lil’ different/We play it cool/We know we fucked up, yeah/You keep on sayin’ you in love, so? Tell me are you really down?” he spits.

According to TMZ, Miller wrote, produced and finished the track last year when the two were still an item. “Self Care” follows the previously released singles, “Small Worlds, “Buttons” and “Programs.” I’ve heard Small Worlds will also be a feature track on ‘Swimming’. I’m so excited for this new album and Mac’s journey from this point forward. Also this visual was absolutely amazing!!! So much great symbolism.

SONG OF THE DAY 7/9/2018: Mac Miller – Programs

Today’s #SongOfTheDay is “Programs” by Mac Miller! So those who know me well would know i am a Mac Miller STAN. I’ve been rocking with Mac since high school! Since he and I are the same age may have something to do with my fandom. ANYWAYS…Mac Miller has been through alot as of late. Back in May, he and Arianna Grande broke up. A week later he gets arrested for a DUI where his Blood Alchohol Level was more than twice the legal limit. A few weeks later, the love of his life is engaged and getting married. It has been reported that he is devasted by Arianna flaunting her new relationship everywhere. Personally, I feel for him.

Okay, back to the music. “Programs” is 1 of 3 singles Mac released at the end of May. All 3 singles sound good to me but “Programs” is definitely my favorite. The production on Programs is special. I think Cardo definitely had something to do with the production here. Mac spits heat over this fun punchy trap letting us know he’s had enough of the “bullshit.” I am behind excited to hear what Mac has in store for us. I could see a project to be released this winter.

Below I went ahead added the Streams for “Small Worlds” and “Buttons,” the two other recently released tracks by Mac!